Column Radiator

Column radiators are all the rage these days. Whether you go designer or classic, there are plenty of benefits for using them in your home.

A column radiator is one of the most recognised styles on the market today. From the beautiful bathroom column radiators to the vertical hallway renditions, there’s plenty to explore in the radiator world when it comes to cool column designs. But what are the benefits of them, and why do so many homes opt for a column design? Whatever your needs, there’s always a space for the column radiator in your home. Below are some of the reasons why so many homes choose them, and why it might be wise for you to do so too.


One of the great things about a column radiator is that they come with a variety of different functions. With towel warming and clothes drying capabilities as well as great heat outputs, the column radiator can ensure that you are not only warm but keep comfortable in whatever room you place it in. Column radiators have many functions and can be combined with vertical mirrors, and a variety of heat outputs.

Space saving

If you invest in a vertical column radiator, you will find a lot of space being saved in your home. With many homes being low on space already, it can be difficult to find a radiator which accommodates to the ever-increasing cramped living spaces we find ourselves owning or inhabiting. The vertical radiator is useful in appliance heavy rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, where its height makes space for the vital functions of that room. For a bathroom, you’ll need space for a sink and a bath at the very least, meaning that there isn’t necessarily lots of space to fit a radiator. A model which can function as a towel rail and as a radiator kills two birds with one stone and ensures that the room still fits your design aesthetic.

Design ingenuity

Whether you’re opting for a cast iron column radiator or a vertical design, the column designed radiator has the flexibility of flowing through a range of styles. Whether you go vintage or modern designer, there will be a column radiator to suit your home, ensuring that you are always happy with the model you have.


The efficiency of a column radiator is unparalleled in its effect. With the spaces between the columns transferring heat and giving space to radiate through the room, the column radiator can be just as effective as a panel or convector radiator. What’s more, radiator positioning becomes even more important with the column radiator, the vertical radiator transferring heat in a different, but just as heat efficient a room.


The column radiator is incredibly flexible. With many column radiators having the freedom to be installed as either vertical or horizontal models, the limits of a column radiator are only what your imagination restricts it to. With many colours, column shapes, finishes and materials to choose from for your column radiator, the possibilities are endless.

Perfect for high ceilinged rooms

If you have an especially large ceiling in the room you are installing your radiator in, then the column radiator can help you to ensure enough heat is being transferred throughout the space. Vertical column models will undoubtedly add to the décor, and will be incredibly efficient in the process.