A lot of people wonder why anybody would study statistics. Statistics are highly flawed and are taken as exact measurements when they actually only provides an overview. However, for people like Stephen Scott statistician was the only career that was ever going to be of interest to them.

Why Steven Scott Statistician Works

It is important to understand that statistics are scientific measurements. At the same time, they are an art because it is a discipline that teaches people what they can learn by looking at data. It is about gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data but it is equally about being able to present and communicate on this. Any quantitative reasoning has to have statistics at its heart and this type of reasoning has always been required for other Sciences to be able to advance. Indeed, without statistics, there will be no genetics or medicine comma nor will there be public policy or businesses.

Statistics are everywhere. Satellites that orbit our Earth, the research experiments, the medical studies, social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, United Nations observers, polling organizations, they all rely on statistics. A statistician has the conceptual foundations and required tools available to reason on the quantitative level. They can take data and extract information from it in an intelligence manner.

Interestingly, in 2009, Google’s chief economist stated that the sexiest job by 2019 would be that of statistician. Naturally, Stephen Scott fully agrees. Data is now available in an ubiquitous and free manner. This has giving people the opportunity to properly understand it while also extracting real value from it.

There are numerous ways to study statistics. Often, people complete a mathematical minor and specialize in statistics. This is popular with those were more interested in social sciences such as business, sociology, and psychology. That said, it has also proven to be very popular with biology students. Another option is to actually complete a mathematics major and specialize in statistics. Last but not least, there are now full bachelor of art and master of art degrees in mathematics with statistics specialization.

Once someone graduate and becomes a statistician, there are numerous jobs available to them. Indeed, demand for their skills and son nothing but increased over recent years and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down. The American Statistical Association, meanwhile, states that statisticians can get to work in any industry, ranging from research labs to government and from universities to businesses. Statisticians help to shape new government public policy, develop new pharmaceutical life saving drugs, plan market strategies for organizations, manage financial investment portfolios, and more.

An added bonus is that the remuneration packages for statisticians are quite significant. It is a reasonably easy for a statistician to earn a six figure salary within just several years of starting. In fact, after just three years of working ar entry level position, many earn in excess of $80,000 per year. Clearly, it is an amazing profession.