If you are an avid collector of sporting goods, film props and equipment or just about any kind of memorabilia then you could be looking at selling your items for a great price. Collectors around the world regularly trade their collections with the idea of improving them or making large sums of money. Some collectors also find themselves in a position whereby they need to sell memorabilia online in order to pay for a large item such as a new house or car. When it comes to selling your memorabilia, it makes sense to ensure that you are trying to sell it in the right place, in order to garner the most interest possible, and the biggest spenders. If you do have some memorabilia online, here are some options on where you can sell it.


Facebook has transformed in recent years to a service which provides way more than just a way to meet up with your friends and they now have a selling feature on the website. I would recommend listing it here but in order to gain the most interest and the highest number of bids, it would be better for you to join a number of groups. For example let’s say that you have a collection of baseball cards which you think could attract some value. You should join Facebook groups for baseball card collectors, and share a post with your items in it. This way you can target people who are interested in your cards, and enhance your chance of selling them.


Many auction houses will peer down their noses at online auction site eBay, falsely thinking that there is some kind of class system for auctions. In truth however, eBay is a brilliant site where you can literally sell anything, your memorabilia included. There are some keys to making sure that you get the most out of your listing, and I would recommend investing in your listing with additional photos as well as boosting the listing so many people see it. Make sure that you set a reserve price, so that if the auction finishes and the price hasn’t been met, you won’t need to sell. Put your auction on for at least a week so that many people will be able to see it, if you put it on for less time then you are lowering your probabilities of selling the items.

Private Collection

The majority of stores which you see online that are selling things like memorabilia, are also avid buyers and you may want to send them an email detailing what you have, with accompanying pictures and proof. In most cases you will receive quite a low valuation from places like this because they know that they need to make a profit on the items. With this being said if you are in a  rush to get rid of your goods, this could be the best option for you.