Where to Find the Best Graduation Invite Templates

High school graduation is a memorable time for you and your child as they prepare for their future endeavors. A graduation party is a perfect way to welcome the future while fondly remembering your past and closing one of the most memorable chapters of your student life.

All parties need proper planning to make sure the day is made extra special for your child. Like all parties, invitations are one of the most important aspects of party planning. While making invitations was difficult in the past, the task has become much easier, thanks to a wealth of readily available online graduation invites.

If you’re looking for a custom graduation template for your graduation party, look no further. Here are some places you can visit to get excellent invite templates to match the style of your graduation party.

Basic Invite

Basic Invite is a good source for all kinds of party invitations, including wedding parties, graduation parties, baby showers, and more. There are hundreds of unique and beautiful custom graduation invitation templates on the website, which can be customized according to your color and design needs, including foil lettering, etc. Ordering a custom invitation is very simple – all you need to do is choose a design that suits you, select a color from over 180 color options available, and customize the text for your event details. Thanks to this service, making and sending custom invites has never been easier!


Adobe offers a creative suite with professional graphic design software that can be used to design your graduation invitation template from scratch. To make things easier for everyone, Adobe also offers a gallery of invitation templates where you can find some for your custom graduation party invites. You can customize the design and colors according to your liking and choose to get them printed from an online service or simply send them as evites!

Google & Pinterest

Although search engines like Google and Bing show images from other websites and online design services in their search results, you can try your luck finding a good graduation invitation template for inspiration. Similarly, Pinterest is a good source of ideas if you want to create DIY invitations or need a ready repository of templates from different websites to browse through for your graduation invitations.