Thousands of people worldwide are now opting for surgery to keep themselves young, to reduce fatty areas of their body or improve their physical appearance and feel better about themselves. In the past surgery was only for the well-off and celebrities due to the prices being extremely high, however, recently it has become much more affordable. Not only is it cheaper but the fact many surgeons offer payment plans to clients in order to break down the total cost of the surgery into affordable monthly payments makes it possible for anyone to go under the knife. Choosing a surgeon which operates a good practice such as Sono Bello is important too because the surgery will normally be permanent. Something very obviously important to consider is which kind of surgery you are looking at having in order to change your body and making sure it is exactly what you want for the rest of your life. Take a look at three of the most popular surgeries available:


Rhinoplasty is one of the more common surgeries available which gives you the ability to change the size, shape or type of nose you were born with. Many people who believe the bridge of their nose protrudes too far from their face decide to have this reduced, or on the other hand, people who believe it does not protrude enough opt in for Rhinoplasty also. There are many other types of rhinoplasty such as thinning the width of your nose or making the tip pointier to get that perfect profile. If you are considering rhinoplasty ensure that you explain exactly what kind of change you are going for as not to end up with a nose you don´t like.


Another common form of surgery is liposuction. It is the process of withdrawing fat from an area of the body in order for that area to be flatter and less bulgy. There are a lot of different areas you can have liposuction on, the most common being the buttocks area and the stomach area. If considering liposuction remember that the operation will mean the surgeon placing an incision in the area you wish to suck the fat out of and siphoning the fat out. If after the liposuction you don´t change your diet and don´t exercise regularly, it could mean another visit to the surgeon in order to suck yet more fat from the same area, so keep active!

Breast enhancement

Breast implants are extremely popular among the population these days, with surgeons being able to leave little to almost no scarring, making them look natural. This surgery is often a great boost to the self-esteem for people who always wanted bigger or better-shaped breasts and with thousands of this type of surgery being performed daily, more and more people are considering it due to its success rate. Something to consider if wanting breast implants or surgery is how big you want them to be, because remember, going to big can often cause back problems due to the weight of the implants.

So, if you are considering having surgery in the future take a look at the above information and make sure you make your decision intelligently because, as mentioned above, the change will most likely be for life!