laughing friends playing cards in casino

As much fun as it is to take a trip to Vegas, sometimes it’s even more delicious to bring Vegas home. So throw a Casino Night Party! They’re classy, sophisticated, and most importantly: FUN.

But before you go there are a few things you need to know, especially about the furniture. I’m going to cover all the do’s and don’ts of a Casino Night Party down below.

Do: Buy or Rent a Real Poker Table

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like it. So much of that comes down to the furniture. Poker tables are a must.

Why? Simple: a dining room table is meant for eating, a coffee table is meant for remotes and magazines, but a poker table? A poker table is meant for fun.

If poker isn’t your style, consider a roulette, blackjack, or craps table. While poker and blackjack are favorites for most party-goers, these all bring people together in whimsical games of chance.

Don’t: Get Slot Machines

Like the tables, slot machines fill the air with a zing of winning and excitement. So why not rent a slot machine or two?

Simply put: slots aren’t where the fun is. Don’t get me wrong, they’re designed to appeal to our base instincts with their glamorous lights and splendorous bells, but don’t be deceived by these charms.

They separate guests and lower the overall engagement in the room.

Do: Get a Bartender and a Bar Cart

While hiring a bartender is a must, having that bar they’re tending to be mobile is even more important.

While there is a simple pleasure in going up to a bar for a drink, who wouldn’t rather be tended on while they’re playing a game of blackjack?

A mobile bartender with a trusty bar cart will liven the spirits of even the least lucky at your party.

Don’t: Cheap Out Out Cocktail Tables and Chairs

A casino night theme party is all about comfort and pleasure. This means you should be all about Chiavari chairs

While many prefer to play, eat, and drink on their feet, there’s no doubt some of your guests will want at least a moment to count their winnings. Thus, cocktail tables and Chiavari chairs are a MUST.

Plus, you don’t want any stains on those fancy game tables, do you?

Do: Use High-End Decorations

Giant dice, lively music, and fancy décor will help sell the experience of a casino night. You don’t want people coming to your basement/living room/back yard.

You want them to be entering your very own casino. Sell the experience! Gold and glitter go a long way in the design process, but so do smaller things, like quality glasses over red solo cups.

Some companies even offer packages specifically designed for casino parties and can really take your event to the next level.

Host a Casino Night Party

You have no excuse now. Go host a Casino Night Party! Almost anything that’s expensive can be rented, so don’t let that hamper your decision.

Create a budget before you start and don’t be afraid to flex on things you or your guests won’t find a priority.

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