Welcoming a new baby into your home is one of the biggest life shifts that anyone could ever go through.

Especially if it is your first child, it can feel overwhelming to accomplish everything necessary to be ready for the arrival of your new baby.

How much it cost to have a baby will depend on a number of different factors. One important thing that you want to do before your baby arrives is to get the nursery set up.

Are you wondering what nursery essentials you’re going to need for your baby’s nursery? If so take a look at these 10 baby nursery essentials.

1. Crib or Bassinet

Nursery can’t really be a nursery without a bassinet or crib. Whether you choose a simple bassinet or an elaborate crib, this will be the focal point of the room.

There is a wide range of prices and styles that bassinet and cribs come in. The most important factors however is that it is made out of quality materials and a sturdy. You’ll want to stay away from drop-side cribs, as these were banned in the US because they don’t provide adequate support.

2. Bedding

 Bedding is one of the top baby nursery room essentials. It is not only functional, but it is also a fun and exciting part of the design process.

You’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to bedding as you will need blankets, crib skirts, pillows, crib sheets, bumper pads, and more. You’ll find bedding in a variety of materials and patterns.

3. Changing Table

No list of baby nursery essential items would be complete without mentioning the changing table. In your babies first year you will be changing thousands of dirty diapers.

Since this will be a repetitive and frequent task, it only makes sense to have an organized changing table where all the supplies you need or at hand. There are a lot of choices when it comes to changing tables, as some of them are quite simple and others are more elaborate. You might find that drawers, shelves, and other features are useful to you.

4. Dresser

Your baby will frequently go through several changes of clothes on any given day. This means that it’s very important to have a dresser that is organized. You’ll want your dresser to have at least three drawers and contain compartments specifically designed for small items like socks and bibs.

5. Mobile

Mobile’s are baby nursery essentials not only because they are fun decor items that because they’re both soothing and entertaining to new babies. You’ll find one shopping for bedding that some sets come with mobile’s that match, but you can also find mobiles that you can buy separately they have a wide variety of features.

You’ll find that most mobiles on the market have moving figurines and some sort of music feature. There are also mobiles that can produce calming nature sounds, mirrors, and lights.

6. Rocking Chair

 You’re a baby isn’t the only one that will be spending a lot of time in the nursery. It makes sense to have a comfortable glider or rocking chair for parents to sit in while rocking the baby to sleep or while feeding them. Babies love the rocking motion of gliders or rocking chairs.

In addition, this is a comfortable seating option for mothers while breast-feeding.

7. Clothes Hamper

You’ll find that your baby wears a lot of clothes. This means that you’ll need a place to put clothes when they’re dirty. Having a cute hamper in your nursery is absolutely essential.

When shopping for bedding, you might find that they offer matching hamper sets. You can, of course, always purchase a separate hamper if that’s what you wish to do.

8. Baby Monitor

Having a baby mother can help new parents rest easy and not spend all of their time in the nursery with the new baby. A monitor means that you can have constant visual or audio contact with your child even when you’re in a different room.

Traditional baby monitors provided only audio. Now you can also purchase baby monitors that have a camera in them as well.

In addition to visual and audio contact with your baby, while you were out of the room, you can also find breathing monitors on the market. A breathing monitor for infants can help you ensure that your baby is well and safe at all times.

9. Nightlight

You will find that you will make frequent night visits to the nursery. Having a nightlight will make it so you don’t have to turn on the glaringly bright overhead light and disturb your new baby.

10. Storage Basket

Storage baskets for your nursery are both cute and incredibly functional.

.Still need a place to put burp clothes, extra blankets, and toys. You’ll probably want to have several storage baskets that are placed in strategic locations so they are closest to the activities where they are most useful. That means putting purple clothes by the rocker, blankets by the crib, and toys in a place where the baby can easily reach them.

Nursery Essentials: Your Nursery Set Up Can Improve Your Life and Your Baby’s Life

Every parent wants to get their baby the best experience possible. While new parenthood can be hectic and chaotic, you can make the nursery a peaceful place for both you and your baby. By outfitting your nursery with these nursery essentials, you can ensure that the nursery is an organized place that nurtures your baby and supports your ability to take care of your baby to the very best of your abilities.

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