It seems that men have been trying to figure out what women truly want for generations. Books have been written about it, movies produced, seminars organized and more. Yet, it seems that there is still nobody who truly knows what women want. For Haris Ahmed, it is all too easy for men to fall into clichés. They believe that women want to have romance that includes a full body massage on a bed with rose petals, in a room with views of the beautiful skyline of Chicago, dimmed lights and soft candles, a jacuzzi, and champagne, no strings attached. While women wouldn’t say no to this, it isn’t actually what they want.

Haris Ahmed on What Women Truly Want

Yes, women do love romance. In a recent interview of woman of the block in Romeoville, what they actually want is something else. Specifically, what they want, is to have the opportunity to have some rest and relaxation. They want time for themselves and they want to feel like they have earned this.

Women are overworked and underpaid. They are charged with a huge array of responsibilities for the household, their partners, and their children. They often manage the finances and the household budget, ensure social and family relationships are maintained, help their children with their homework, and more. They are paid nothing for this, however, which is why they also often have another job as well.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the women on the block of Romeoville are representative of women the world over: they simply want a break.

According to Ahmed, meanwhile, it serves men well to give women what they want. When a woman has a regular break, some time during which she can focus on her and her alone, she will return home a revitalized woman, full or energy and happiness. Women don’t want chocolates (they have too many calories) and roses (the petals fall off). They don’t want a massage (it always leads to more), or a new book (it won’t be the one they wanted in the first place). While all those things are wonderful and they certainly will give women happiness, what they really need is time. They must be able to rest in a relaxing environment, in which they have no responsibilities.

Usually, this means leaving the house for some time as well. As much as a hot bath with candles and scented bubbles is a good idea, a woman will always lie there on tenterhooks, listening out to the children hurting themselves or the husband making a mess. They will worry someone will knock on the door and nobody hears it. Not just that, as soon as the bath is over, the magic spell will be broken as well. After years of being everybody’s best friend, maid, accountant, and nurse, they deserve more than a simple bath. What women want is time in a place where everybody thinks about them, just once.