Among the most requested business opportunities are those in the health professions including the dental sector, perhaps you are wondering if it is better to start a career through the acquisition of a dental practice, let’s see some details, here are some good reasons to acquire an already started dental practice:

Acquisition of new customers is one of the best reasons for think about taking over a dental office. In this situation, there are already “mature” professionals who identify in the dental acquisitions a shortcut to also detect its customers. Consequently, we can say that the acquisition of customers is the real objective of the business operation, which requires a solid economic basis and a targeted project both in financial and marketing fields. The natural process of acquiring new customers is very long and extremely expensive in terms of energy and investments. An acquisition represents the easiest way to reduce these times and if the operation is well planned it can be not only a good investment, but even an opportunity for immediate savings. The potential risk is represented by the subsequent ability to retain the newly acquired patients and, at the same time, not to lose the previous ones.

Another reason why acquiring a dental practice may be convenient would be the acquisition of new skills. Some dental offices have their elements of value and distinction in the staff who work there (in any capacity and degree: employees and collaborators, assistants, hygienists or dentists). The attention of a dentist who does not have similar values and who should invest too much time and money in specific training could focus on these so-called intangible assets, also running the risk of not being able to count on the same moral value as people. The acquisition, in this case, would consist mainly in the transfer of the so-called human capital from the original study to the new reality. The risk of this operation is represented by the possibility that “people” do not intend to accept the new reality and that they move away from the studio to seek more welcome solutions. In this case, as previously mentioned, a correct alignment of values between all the parties involved (patients, transferor, buyer, study staff) is a key element for making strategic opportunity assessments.

Let’s also remember among the reasons why dental practice is worthwhile as a professional debut. A very frequent case and for which the purchase of a study proves to be a winning choice, is that of the recent graduate who is about to embark on a career. Given the necessary reservations about the financial availability necessary to detect a study started, this solution is far preferable to any other. The concrete risk to be avoided is to strategically focus on a “wrong horse”. The young dentist may not yet have the skills necessary to establish the value of an activity because basically he does not know its basic dynamics and has not yet experienced the value of things on his skin. But the most insidious element is represented by the positioning you intend to pursue: a positioning of the practice not aligned with personal expectations or with your values, a target market that is not suitable for the future personality of the dentist, together with a poor experience in managing the relationship, can lead the buyer to the feeling of having taken a wrong path. This is mortifying at the beginning of his career and conditions forever the possibility of realizing a professional identity cut on his characteristics.