Birthday CupcakesBirthday parties are one of the most fun activities to indulge in with people. This is because there is an overall air of celebration in the air due to the marking of someone’s birthday and also because a lot of people and fun activities are involved.

Children’s’ birthday parties are, at times, even more enjoyable because they are more laid back and informal than those for adults.

Most people have fond memories of the birthday parties they either attended as children or those that were thrown for them.

To make a child’s birthday party even more memorable, consider some of the following tips:

1. Pick a Theme

Most children’s birthday parties have themes and this guides every other aspect of party planning.

Fortunately, there are many possible themes one can choose from. You can choose from media that is popular with children such as cartoons, movies, and TV shows.

Also, consider finding out if there is any form of media the child in question is particularly fond of. If they are very fond of Superman, for example, consider having a Superman-themed party complete with decorations that allude to this.

2. Pick a Venue

Children’s birthday parties are a little more complicated when it comes to picking a venue than it would be for an adult’s birthday party.

This is because, more likely than not, both adults and their children will be attending and this gives unique sets of needs.

When sending out invitations, ask your recipients to RSVP with the number of both children and adults coming in order to cater to their unique needs such as food, seating and so on.

If you are having your party. Speak to management and inform them that children will be present in order to take care of any safety concerns and get proper seating for the number of children and adults that will be attending.

3. Choose Games and Entertainment

These are often the highlight of the party for children. The types of games chosen are usually in line with the theme. Popular ones such as musical chairs and hide and seek can be chosen.

In terms of entertainment, there are a large number of options. This ranges from clowns to magicians to video games. Regardless of what you choose, make sure it is age appropriate for the celebrant and the attendees.

4. Decide on Food and Drinks

Children’s birthday parties usually have a variety of sweets, cakes and other child-friendly foods added.

Most likely, you’ll want to include some foods suitable for adults attending such as sandwiches, hot dogs and so on.

Consider getting a catering service for the event or speak with the venue you are renting and inform them that of the food being served as well as their storage options.


Children’s’ birthday parties can not only be an enjoyable day but a memory that stay with the participants for years to come.

Follow the above steps to plan and execute a memorable children’s birthday party.