Patrick Dwyer financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, is one of the best financial advisors in Miami, and indeed in the country thanks to his inclusion in the Forbes’ top 250 Wealth Managers in the USA. It is for this reason that his opinion should be carefully listened to and respected, especially when it comes to the topic of financial advice. Patrick’s career has been exemplary ever since he began and today we are going to discuss a little about what it is that has helped Patrick to find his success, and how he managed to take his career to the incredibly high point that it is right now.

Solid Work Ethic

Patrick tells me that he had a hard working ethic instilled in him when he was young, and that both his parents always encouraged him to give his all to whatever he was doing. This work ethic stayed with a young Patrick throughout his school years, and then once he got started with Merrill Lynch upon finishing university. Patrick tells me that without this solid work ethic, it is unlikely that he would have been able to achieve all that he has.

Understanding the Industry

Dwyer goes on to say that they to surviving and succeeding in the financial advice industry, is to ensure that you understand all aspects of the game. For example many think that giving great advice is all that is required, but it is about far more than that. For example Patrick understood very early on that the financial advice sector is about sales as much as it is about the advice, it is also about being a great people person and giving your clients the faith that they need in you and your company.

Building Relationships

Patrick tells me that his greatest strengths are being able to build, grow and maintain relationships, both inside and outside of his industry. These relationships are what has ensured that Dwyer has a great standing with Merrill Lynch, with his clients and with his contacts within the financial sector. These relationships have greatly helped Dwyer throughout his career and through maintaining such strong relationships, he has given himself a wonderful foundation for success.


In spite of his great success in his industry, Dwyer is incredibly humble and almost has a certain coyness about what it is that he has been able to achieve. There is no doubt that this humility has served Patrick well, especially in terms of winning people over, gaining people’s trust and being able to create a strong team below him, who have all bought into his vision.

Patrick Dwyer has core strengths and beliefs which could be applied to just about any profession, he has worked hard and done so with respect for those both above and below him. Through this set of skills, Dwyer has become an industry leader and there is something within his character which we all could learn something from.