Body transformation

It would be fair to say that we’re in an era where body image is everything. Sure, it used to be thrust in our face from time to time, but nowadays the ante has been upped several notches. Whether it’s on the front cover of magazines, or plastered all over the internet – having that “body to die for” image is something that seemingly everyone craves.

Despite the above, most people will track their progress inefficiently. Most people have been brought up with one way to measure their body’s progress, and stick to that religiously. We are here to dispel some of the “classic” progress methods, and now tell you some of the best ways to track the progress your body is making.

Suggestion #1 – Don’t treat the scales as gospel

Here’s a fact; there’s a difference between weight loss and fat loss. The scales might say one thing, but the amount of food you have eaten might say something else. In other words, if your diet is comprised purely of fast food (but in small quantities), your weight might drop but your fat level might rise. The result is a body that looks pretty unattractive (and it’s at this point that you should probably be checking out the Sono Bello Reviews for a solution).

While monitoring your progress on the scales should be advisable from time to time, quit treating it as gospel. Instead, arm yourself with a fat caliper and track this every couple of weeks (along with your overall weight). You will build up a much more accurate picture of where you are, and where you are heading.

Suggestion #2 – Photos trump mirrors

Instagram has certainly bred a new type of fitness enthusiast – but there’s no doubt that it provides a perfect way to compare your body between periods. Mirrors often distort your true body image and if you can instead rely on photographic evidence, you will be provided with a much more accurate picture. Make sure that the images are taken from the same point though – to avoid the perception issues which often blight those of you who gaze into the mirror in search of a body transformation.

Suggestion #3 – Don’t neglect the importance of strength

If there was just one training piece of advice we’d hand out it would be to ensure that you are training to “get stronger”. If you know that you are starting to life heavier weights – it’s a sure-fire sign that your strength is improving, and your body will follow shortly.

Like it or not, the number on the side of the dumbbell is a measurable statistic. Sure, we’re by no means suggesting that you should look to “cheat” your way out of certain exercises just to inflate the amount you are lifting. Instead, it’s all about being aware that you are getting stronger – which isn’t something which can necessarily be seen through the scales or mirror.