Family bonding is priceless. Everybody must give time for one another, have an amazing moment and enjoy each other’s company at least a few times in a year. Parents getting exhausted from their respective careers and kids just longing to have some fun besides school deserve a big break.

Perhaps, a family holiday vacation is all you need!

There are so many great places to consider for family holiday vacation. And among these places is the one popularly known as the land down under – Australia. This country is arguably one of the best country to visit.

Australia caters to all demographics, offering a variety of exciting adventures especially to traveling families. And one of Australia’s recommended and must-visit places is the city of Melbourne.

Melbourne is an incredible city to bring the family for a holiday break. It is a haven for the young kids given its extensive open spaces situated within the heart of the city. The kids will also love the lush green parks and electrifying playgrounds in Melbourne.

Zoos, Museums, Interactive Shows and more

Internationally acclaimed zoo? Yes, the city has Melbourne Zoo, which houses hundreds of animals including Otters, Elephants, Fur Seal, Lions, Lemurs, Wombats, Gibbons and many more. Melbourne also has a variety of different unique museums with interactive shows.  For parents who only want their children to have the best holiday vacation ever, then Melbourne is the perfect choice – guaranteed that there will be no dull moments for both the parents and kids.

Melbourne is home to several iconic landmarks such as the MNCs, the stunning Victorian style buildings, the parliament, and some financial establishments. On the south part of the city is home to a range of awesome bars, restaurants, and malls.

Melting pot of food and culture

Melbourne has it all. Literally a melting pot of great food, rich culture, arts, music, and diverse people from all walks of life. It is a progressive city where rich history and modern lifestyle meet in style.

There are plenty of things to do and places to see in Melbourne for both locals and tourists to enjoy. The family will never run out of activities in downtown Melbourne. In addition to the city’s great culture and other unique character, Melbourne has warm friendly folks with an overall generous feel that will surely make you come back and stay for more.

Traveling Around

It’s easy getting around the city. Car hire from DriveNow are available in Melbourne airport are accessible once you have landed. You can either drive on your own, or have someone to tour you around the city. Car rentals are very popular almost everywhere in Australia, so getting one would be too easy and affordable. It is also the best way for families to discover the city. Imagine, you’re just like driving your own car and your kids securely seated at the back seat. You can do pretty much you want during commute and no one will judge you if your kids start fighting or crying.

Alternatively, you can take myki card to access the city’s train, trams and buses. Just be sure to touch on and off when you enter or exit the public transport.

It is no wonder that the city has been repeatedly listed as one of the top “most livable cities” in the world by several independent reviewers.

Melbourne’s overall lifestyle is both outgoing and laid-back, although the city is extremely reliant on the advanced space industry.

Generally, Melbourne is a warm and hospitable city with a lot of style and soul perfect for a family holiday destination.