Family vacations

How fun would you say things are at home for you and your family?

If the fun level could be turned up, any thoughts on how best to go about this?

By having fun under your roof and away from home, you are doing something right as a parent.

So, is it time to let the fun begin?

Finding More Fun for You and Loved Ones

In your quest to bring more fun to your family, here are some ideas if not already doing them:

1. Family getaways – Traveling as a family can be a wonderful experience for all involved. Whether this means long getaways, weekend ventures or even day trips, take the time to get away. You likely spend enough time at home as it is. So, make sure you and your children get out and see the world other than work and school. If you have favorite places to travel to, there is nothing wrong with going back to them time and time again. You can also come up with some new places on your list to visit. Speaking of a list be sure to plan out your getaways. For instance, if going to Disneyland, a Disneyland calendar is a good thing to have. You can go online and access such a calendar to better plan out your visit. From when crowds may be at their highest to temps during the year and more, know what a visit could look like. Most of all when traveling as a family is to have fun. Leave work and school behind and appreciate the adventures together with some airports guide.

2. Family reunions – When was the last time your extended family got together for a reunion? If it has been a while, take the time now to begin planning. Family reunions are a great opportunity to reunite and share memories and laughs. It is also important when you have elderly in your family to spend time with them. You do not want to look back one day when they are gone and wish you had reunited more often. Put a list together of potential dates for a reunion. Also compile a list of prospective attendees. If you have family on both coasts, having the reunion somewhere in the middle may be the best idea. This will make travel a little easier for those planning on attending.

3. Family time at home – Last, you likely have a lot of options for fun at home if you put your mind to it. That said take some time to look around your home and see all there is to do. If you have a pool, do you have pool parties when the weather allows? Do you have family dinners for extended family and even close friends living in the area? If you have a sizeable yard, there are a variety of outdoor activities you can do. You may even work together as a family on doing home renovations if everyone is old enough to do so.

When it comes to finding family fun both home and away, are you coming up with all the right answers?