Starting a new career in the tech industry can be a challenge, especially if you are transitioning from a different industry. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to make your career move easier. Here are some tips you can use to kickstart your tech career.

1. Look at Your Past Experience & Transfer Your Skills

When you decide to start a new career in tech, it can be hard to know what skills you can bring to the table. The best way to approach this challenge is to look at your previous experience and see which skills you have can help you in the new job you are trying to get. If you are applying for an entry-level help desk position, you might be able to transfer important skills like written communication, proficiency with Google Docs and Microsoft Office onto your resume. This gives you a higher probability of getting a job and starting off your tech career.

2. Get Certified

Most startup companies in San Francisco do not require that you have a university degree to get hired, but they definitely value professional certifications. These certifications are numerous, depending on the field you want to enter, and can be secured in a relatively short period with the right amount of focus. Getting certified is a great idea because you build up the necessary skills to excel in your chosen field and you show possible employers that you can do the job they are hiring you for. If you are applying for a job along with other applicants that have little experience, having certifications can help tilt the odds in your favor.

3. Start From The Bottom – You Can Only Go Up

If you are in a mid-senior level position in a different industry but want to transition to tech, do not be worried about having to take an entry-level position. Although having to start the career climb all over again may seem daunting, the experience you get will be super valuable as you climb to higher positions. The reward that comes with the journey are also quite satisfactory. Financial remuneration becomes exponentially more if you put in hard work and grow over time in the tech industry.

4. Leverage on Your Network

While you may not have enough experience to land your dream tech role, perhaps you might have the right connections to get you the chance you need. Check within your network to see who you know might be connected to the company you wish to start a career with. It might be a close family friend or even a distant acquaintance. Many employers prefer to hire based on the recommendations of people they know and if you happen to know the right person, you could get just the right leg that you need.

The tech industry is wide and welcoming. With the right approach, it could be where you create a rewarding career. Use the tips above to organize yourself and truly get started in your tech career.