Since the turn of the decade there has been a huge increase in digital advertising. The reasons for this are numerous including better targeting of customers and prospects, more cost effective advertising solutions, and an ability to more easily track performance from an advertising campaign.

The biggest reason however is simply that everyone is on line these days. So when you want to get something in front of lots of people, the internet is the best option. Here is a breakdown of the most effective and popular way to advertise online and what you can potentially get from your efforts.

Social Networks

The powerhouses in online advertising are of course the social networks. Facebook alone attracts more than 2 billion members monthly and many other social networks attract more than 250 million each month. These platforms also offer tools to allow advertisers to target specific groups and glean valuable data from their social network advertising efforts. With these numbers advertisers are sire t fond large numbers of their target market aggregated in one place and available to be approached.

Mobile Advertising

Smart advertising executives like Joe Cianciotto know that mobile advertising is quickly becoming the primary way for advertisers to engage with consumers. Smart phones are in the hands of nearly the entire populations of western countries and an overwhelming percentage of the people in nearly every country. For this reason advertising to people via mobile is a smart decision. Smart advertisers combine in their campaigns, mobile payments, mobile search, and mobile apps to assist them to both attract and target their market. When integrated with social networks, mobile marketing brings desirable leads to advertisers. The key is designing campaigns that fit into the consumption habits of those viewing content on their phones and tablets. If this can be done, an advertiser can receive great benefits including increased sales and brand recognition of a client’s brand.

Live Streaming

Video is the fastest growing type of content on the Internet with estimates that by 2020 it will be 805 of all Internet traffic. The newest and hottest things in video on the Internet is video streaming of live events. All of the social networks now allow members to stream content live over their networks and this creates opportunities for smart brands to engage viewers during these broadcasts. There have also been several successful ad campaigns who have used this video tool to introduce new products. The videos offer live engagement and feedback from viewers allowing brands to answer questions live and even alter the broadcast based on viewer comments. Live streaming is picked to become a primary source of content consumption for the foreseeable future promising advertisers a stable platform to deliver their messaging.

The most effective advertising approach often uses many of these avenues in conjunction with each other in an integrated campaign. When executed properly this strategy can bring unprecedented returns for brands.