I have always believed that people should go into a career based on something which they care deeply about and something which plays to their characteristics and their strengths. A few weeks ago we talked about the job options available for those who have natural creativity and today we are going to look at those with a caring nature, the people who stand up for what they believe in and who are more than happy to help the most vulnerable.

If you are this kind of person and you are considering which career could be the best option for you, here are some ideas for how you can turn caring into a career.


My friend Jonathan Bunge lawyer and legal expert was always very caring during his school years and for as long as I knew him he wanted to become a lawyer to ‘fight the good fight’. Many lawyers get into the industry for money, fame and respect but the majority do it because they care about getting people a fair trial, they care about society enough to remove evil people and they care about the lives of people who are affected by crime. If you have the work ethic and the intelligence, you can use your caring side to represent people in court.


What better way to use your naturally ability to care about people than to be part of guiding the next generation through life as a teacher. Teachers do way more than educate and it is they who are on hand for their students with all of their doubts, concerns, questions and fears. You can teach at any level and in any subject and use that characteristic of yours to show young people the best way to move forward through the world.

Medical Professional

Doctors and nurses have a job that is 100% care based and if you have a particular talent for the sciences or indeed for medicine, you should pursue a career in medicine. You will have to work incredibly hard in order to get to the position where you can work inside a hospital, especially if wish to be a doctor. This hard work will pay off however and you will spend your days caring for vulnerable and sick people as they come through the hospital doors. Working in medicine will test you to your limits but it is the perfect way to use your caring nature.


You can work in charity as a career or as a part time volunteer and this is also a great use of our caring personality. Whatever time you have, you can dedicate it to the chart of your choice through fundraising efforts, working in stores or even traveling and helping people throughout the world. You can work in charity as a career but even if you select something else, there are still plenty of ways in which you can care for and help people in your spare time.