Whale Watching

More often than not, teenagers and young adults twitch at the thought of having to spend the whole day with their family – especially if they feel that they’ll get bored out of their minds because it’ll be a dull outing. Of course, there’s nothing to really place the blame on in this regard. There are so many things that can actively grab the interest of a teenager and prove to them that they might be wrong in not wanting to spend time with their family.

If you have wanted to plan a great jaunting expedition with your family but happen to have run out of ideas, look no further. Here are 3 ideas that can help you plan the perfect day out with your family this summer.

Whale Watching Tours

Among all the beautiful highlights of Sydney, the glorious and informative whale watching tours are definitely at the top of their game. Not only are these tours great for the purpose of learning patterns of whale migration and breeding, but they’re also super fun and fascinating. They’re also suitable for all ages, so you and your family can all benefit from the amazing tour.

The most appealing element of it all is the private whale watching tours that offer customisable packages designed to suit the needs and requirements of groups, families and couples. These private tours give you a chance to really learn about informative things such as whale behaviourism while spending quality time with your loved ones. Your family is sure to thank you for arranging this!

Darling Harbour

Sydney is well known for its vast variety of activities and fun filled places. If whale watching isn’t enough for a great family day out, consider spending a day at the Darling Harbour instead. There are so many fun things to do at Darling Harbour such as climbing submarines, riding carousels, flying foxes in the playground.

If you want something a little more informative so your children can learn and play at the same time, then there are animals such as penguins that you can meet. You can also explore the sea life. Watch a movie at the 3D cinema or just roll casino dices – there’s something for everyone here!

Hit the Movies

If all else fails, maybe all you and your family really need is to just have a simple day out at the movies. Head on over to the world’s largest cinema for the best family day out ever, and your children are sure to love you for it. The beauty of this theatre is that it’s not just your ordinary or average cinema. It’s indefinitely one of the largest and most known cinemas in the world. The screens are massive in size and the popcorn is to die for!

These jaunting escapades are enough to fascinate and interest all of your family members so the teenagers are sure to do anything but complain.