Planning the perfect child-friendly holiday can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that there are a few steps and suggestions that will make things easier for you. Here is how to plan the perfect child-friendly holiday.

Research! Research! Research!

Let’s be honest kids get pretty cranky when they are hungry and many children are pretty fussy eaters. Don’t get caught somewhere without a backup plan. Do the research for the areas that you are visiting and find restaurants that your kids will love. Carry their favourite snacks with you at all times so that you can give them a quick meal if you are out somewhere that does not survive food that they will be comfortable with.

Organise Transport in Advance

One great way to avoid any delays on your vacation is to rent a vehicle on your vacation. You can drive to the airport in your hometown, leave the car in airport parking, and then just get on the plane. Pick up your rental car at your destination and then head off to the area of your choosing. This is especially great if you are heading to an area that may not have great public transportation set up or has long distances between areas of interest that you want to explore. Having your own car will allow you to change your plans if any of your kids are having an off day as well.

Give Your Kids Their Own Project

Giving your kids the responsibility of organizing the photos of the journey is a great project for them to work on while you are driving between places. They can organize the photos into folders, edit the photos, and create exciting memories for you to look back upon. If your kids are a little too young for this you can bring drawing materials so that they can draw pictures of what they saw in between places. These will be great keepsakes for when they are a little bit older.

Budget for Extra Expenses

You don’t want to be worried about spending while you are on your vacation. You might get to a place that the kids love and they may want to spend every day at the waterpark and not like the beach very much. Budgeting ahead allows you to be flexible on your vacation so that everyone is happy. Here are some extra great tips for taking your toddlers with you on your getaway.

Don’t Scrimp on Accommodation – Sleep is important!

Everyone requires sleep to be healthy and happy. Sleeping in a different hotel each night can be difficult for children that are used to sleeping in their own beds. Hotels can be noisy, impersonal, and have weird smells. Rent a luxury villa so that you can come home to the same place each night. You can rent luxury villas that come with concierge service, catering service, your own pool, and many other fabulous amenities. Bring a pillow or small blanket that your kids are familiar with so that they will feel like they are at home.