Like most pets, cats hate moving. All the hustle and bustle, the anxious look on your face for weeks leading up to the move, and the extra vet visits will have effect on your pet. Cats can sense and know that whatever is going on, it is not going to be good for them.   Moving with a cat can be challenging.   Don’t worry, though. There is no need to panic over moving with a cat. There are some tips for prepping the move and make them calm.

Prepare Your Cat for the Move

You should prepare your feline friend ahead of time to make the move easier.  They will have an easier time if you can get them used to the trappings of the move.

Visiting the Vet

It is no secret that pets dislike the vet. All the handling, poking and prodding on top of the stress of packing is very unsettling so do take your cat to the vet several months prior to your move.

Bring Out Carriers Early

Place carriers with a blanket inside for your cat around the house a month ahead of time to acclimate it to the temporary transport homes.

Introduce Pets to Their Travel Environment

When you are moving cross country with cats, do not wait until the last minute to introduce them to their travel environment. They will feel intimidated if they have to face that alien environment right before the stress of travel.

Give Plenty of Love

Moving also involves many tasks that require your time and attention and your pet is not your only concern. Nevertheless, try to give your cat lots of extra love and attention during the packing and pre-move process. This will reassure them that you still love them and plan to take care of them.

Soothe Your Cat’s Fears With Touch

Another way you can soothe your feline is by using circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the pet’s body.  This can help to reduce anxiety.

Transporting Your Cat By Ground

If you are unable to drive your pet to your new home on the day of your move, you can use a ground transportation service.  Ground transportation may feel less stressful for your pet because the feeling and look of traveling in a vehicle are somewhat familiar with rent your space.

There are 2 types of pet transportation and they are:-

Shared Pet Transport 

The shared pet delivery services are the most common and cost affordable way of transporting your beloved pet from their current home to their new home. Each cat will have its own temporary living space in an appropriately-sized portable kennel for the breed.

Private Pet Transport. 

The private pet transport services offer an exclusive ride for your cat and no other animals are on board except yours. This type of animal transportation service costs a little more but is direct nonstop transportation from your pet’s old home to its new home. Your pet can ride free and does not have to be crated.Searching for the best cat transport service is rather overwhelming and very often requires a lot of time to research the services and request for quotes individually.  Online shipping platforms such as Shiply can help make your life easier.  All you have to do is just fill up a simple form online and you will receive personalized quotes sent to your mailbox.  That way, you can compare quotes all in one place.  You can also view ratings and feedback for any company that sent you the quotes.