Nectar Sleep Reviews

For many years I had a great deal of difficulty sleeping, I would go through periods of time where I couldn’t get to sleep at all and then I would have long periods of time where I could not stay asleep throughout the night. Two years ago I decided to take action and after many trials and errors, I can now say that I have absolutely no problem with my sleeping pattern.

Throughout this time I would read forums, flick through the Nectar sleep reviews and such to connect with others who were having the same problem. Now that I have cured my sleep troubles, I wanted to share how I overcame them with you all to hopefully inspire you.

Routine, Routine, Routine

I cannot tell you just how important it is that you go to sleep at the same time each night, and wake up at the same time each morning. After doing this for just a week, you will begin to feel your body becoming accustomed to your hours of sleep and this means that it will start to shut down before you go to bed and switch on just before you wake up. Make sure that you stick to your sleep routine, even on the weekends, to help you get that great night’s sleep that you are looking for.


As part of your nightly routine, you should spend the final hour before sleep doing nothing more than relaxing yourself. Whatever it takes to relax you will be individual to you but you could consider taking a hot bath, listening to relaxing music, reading some fiction under soft lighting or even doing some breathing exercises. Spending the tine each night on avoid mental stimulation and calming your body down, will ensure that you nod off with ease, and sleep throughout the night.

Getting The Room Right

Don’t underestimate the importance on making sure that your room is just right for sleep. This means that you should be looking at cutting out any noise or light which could find its way into your room. If needed, buy blackout curtains to ensure that the room is the perfect space to sleep in. When your brain detects light, it is tricked into thinking that it needs to wake up or at least be alert, this can have a severely negative effect on your ability to sleep and stay asleep.

Food and Drink

If you can help it, you should be avoiding any food and only drinking water in the hours before you sleep. The body needs to use sleep time to rest and recover and so loading it up with foods to break down will not help it at all. Equally, food and certain drinks give the body energy but then it will have nowhere to expel this energy as you will be asleep, this can result in a restless night.

How well do you sleep? Let us know in the comments section below.