Its always a good idea to have inspirational characters that you can look up to when you are trying to make it in the business world. As someone who is trying to turn my business into a success, I regularly look out for inspirational characters who I can look up to and be inspired by and one such person is Marc Leder, the co-founder of the highly successful Sun Capital Partners investment firm. I wanted therefore, to take a closer look into the life and career of this inspirational character so that you too can use him as someone to look up to and aspire to be like.

Without further ado then let’s take a look at this inspirational business figure who has forged a highly successful career for himself.

Early Life

Marc was born and raised in Long Island, New York and he graduated form John L.Miller – Great Neck North High School and later he studied Economics at the Wharton School in University of Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Science degree.

Career Beginnings

After graduating form university Leder started off life in business with a junior analyst position in Lehman Brothers. Throughout the following years, Leder would work up to the position of Senior Vice President in the firm, a very well respected position which he managed to attain at a very young age.

Change in Career

Marc Leder left Lehman Brothers in 1995 to open a private equity investment firm with his friend and colleague Roger Krouse. The idea of the company is to discover potential in companies and unlock them to grow their wealth through private equity investments. Since its inception in 1995, Sun Capital Partners has invested in over 330 companies covering a wide range of industries and sectors.


Marc Leder is not only a smart business mind and a highly successful business person, he has also used his scale and his financial astuteness to do some good and he has many philanthropic endeavors to his name. Through the Sun Capital Partners Foundation, Leder has helped over 275 charities including the Boca Helping Hands in South Florida which works with people suffering from poverty and hunger, as well as working with charities to empower young people and encourage them to find their feet in the world of business.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Leder is also on the board and the Berggruen Musuem in Berlin and sits on the board at the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation.

It’s fair to say that Marc Leder is a busy man and he is constantly striving to achieve success for himself, for free ebooks business and for those who are less fortunate. If you are looking for someone to provide you with inspiration in terms of how to put together a successful life both personally and in business, Marc Leder is surely that man.