When you become a mother all of a sudden you are loaded with a number of responsibilities.

You have to take care of the new member of the family and for that, you might have to compromise with your job and stay at home. The cost of living is also increasing so you cannot afford to just stay idle at home. Well, thanks to the Internet there are a lot of home based business opportunities for stay at home moms.

Here is a list of business ideas to help you get started:-

1. Daycare center


Using your motherhood is the best way of making money.  While you are taking care of your child, you can make money by taking care of other children as well. In some places, you need to get licensed for this job and pass certain checks to start doing this job legally. Getting a license helps you gain the trust of the parents and you can also charge more money.

Ask the working mothers to leave their children at your daycare center. You can also pick up children from school, take care of them till their parents come and pick them up after office.

2. Freelance writing


The need for good content writers has increased over the years. Content writing is one of the most essential components of online marketing. Freelance writers can write on any topics. The best way to start working as a freelance writer is to write on topics you have the expertise, writing on topics of a particular industry like e-commerce or fashion.

Working as a ghostwriter is also a very good option. There are a lot of freelancing marketplaces where you can start looking for work. Once you have created a good portfolio, you can create your website and start promoting your writing business.

3. Fitness trainer


Being fit is the new trend of 2018. You can use this trend as a business setup.  If you have good expertise in this field then use it to get other people into shape. You can start a gym at your home, or Yoga, Zumba classes are also good.

You can also start online classes via Skype or video chat. Share diet plans and workout calendars through emails. Many people become fitness bloggers and share everything on their blogs.

4. Pet services


This job is not a job for you if you are an animal lover. Dogs, cats, fish, rabbits are the most common pets you would get to take care of. You would have to provide pet-related services like dog walking, pet grooming, pet sitting, etc.

If your children are grown up then they can also help in taking the pets for a walk, feeding them and other activities. This business works really well in the areas where most of the people have retired and don’t have the energy to take their pets out for a walk.

5. Tutor or instructor


This is another way of using your skills to the full potential. If calling students home or going to their house is not possible then become a virtual teacher. Using Skype and other video calling services to impart your knowledge.

Academic tutoring is a good option to start with. But nowadays children are very much interested in extracurricular activities as well. Piano or music lessons, sports instructor, foreign languages, whatever is your forte make it your business.

For extracurricular activities like music, you might have to display your talent in a concert or social gathering to gain students.

In today’s world, people are way too confused as to what they should do and what they shouldn’t! The need for people who help others to get through tough times is rising. Become a life coach if you are good at motivating people and at the same time an impactful speaker.

6. Blogging


Blogging has become one of the most profitable jobs, especially with the rise of social media websites like Instagram, Facebook. There are a lot of bloggers out there, so it is not easy to create your space out there.  Write on topics you are passionate and confident about. Share your expertise and real-life experiences, so that you can connect with the readers on a personal level.

When you have got a good amount of subscribers you can sell ebooks and other resources to your readers. You can also get sample products and free gifts to try out and post their reviews on your blog.

7. Retail shop


If your house is close to a market or is in a popular area then opening a retail shop is a good option. Start small, you can sell everyday basics, flower shop, art gallery, pet supplies, etc, whatever is convenient for you.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

If you plan to go for dropshipping, I highly recommend you to use small business inventory management app like EMERGE App to manage the business.

8. Website designer


Good with technicalities and creative at the same time? Then this job is definitely for you. Although there a lot of online tools available that can be easily used to create a template based website. Having knowledge of coding, understanding platforms like WordPress, good marketing skills and a little bit of creativity will help you become the perfect web designer.

9. Crafts and arts


This another way of using your creative skills. If you love painting or making any other DIY products and feel these products have products a professional edge, its time to make money from that.

You can set up an exhibition at home or set up stalls in craft fairs. But if you feel those options are not feasible thanks to the internet you can easily set up your online store and sell your craft work. Or you can also sell on eBay or Etsy.

You can also start your blog or youtube channel where you can portray how you are creating those products.

10. Sewing business


Tailoring and alterations is a good business if you have learned designing and have a good knowledge of current fashion trends.

People want unique products, customized curtains, clothes like wedding gowns, Halloween costumes are in high demand.

Wrapping it up!

These are just a few professions mentioned. You can always branch out and explore other options from home. Bear in mind that a lot of jobs have now gone completely digital. You could work in sales teams as well.

While choosing a home based business you need to keep in mind your current skill set, the market you are going to target, the budget for the business, and rules and regulations that you need to follow.

So are you ready to turn your hobby into a business and earn that extra income?

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any other exciting home based business idea that other moms can use.