Health Tips for Moms

The thought of shifting from your post-baby body to your pre-baby body can be depressing for new and experienced mothers. In general, managing the daily care of children can consume an inordinate amount of time. By day’s end, many mothers find themselves too tired to do anything but rest. While health is a minor issue for those multi-tasking, child-rearing professionals with a career and a social life, developing a routine that incorporates a well-balanced diet and exercise is integral to maximizing one’s health.

Today, most mothers rise early and go to bed late. In addition to a career that consumes at least a third of their day, modern mothers find themselves waking up very early to help children get ready for school or day care. After the day has concluded, mothers reconvene with their children, where they are tasked with cooking dinner while assisting little ones with their homework. This schedule continues late into the evening, until children are in bed. By that time, busy moms seek the solace of a good pillow, maybe a book, and a nice, warm bed. By nature of motherhood, the needs of children come first at the expense of their own. However, even with an already tight schedule, busy parents can get in a little exercise and eat a reasonable diet with some planning.

Easy tips for optimal health

Commit to exercising. The most obvious benefit of exercise might be weight loss, but another advantage is that those who exercise regularly sleep well and deeply. Mothers can work out in the morning or evening as a part of a routine, and with the number of gyms that offer childcare, moms do not have to worry about finding a babysitter. Parents with children who play sports can take this time as an opportunity to burn calories.

Scheduling even small amounts of time to exercise during the day can improve health substantially. Not everyone is going to have the time to devote 30 minutes to an hour to exercise, but mothers can do small things like take the stairs instead of the elevator. In addition, burst training in the form of 15-minute, high-intensity workouts can speed up heart rate and burn calories. Finally, as part of a lunch routine, mothers can walk around their building or office for exercise.

Wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable, well-fitting shoes for the office or for chasing children around the house all day are a must-have for those moms who are trying to get in shape. At home and at the office, consider wearing orthotics inserts that can be interchanged with different shoes for support. Inserts are also available for those who need shoe support in running shoes.

Plan to make quick, easy-to-make meals. Instead of cooking every night, cook a few health-conscious meals on the weekend and freeze them. On exercise days, mothers only need to worry about warming up food. Additionally, prep foods by cutting up any vegetables and other ingredients needed for meals and snacks eaten during the day. More importantly, instead of buying lunch, pack a lunch to control how many calories and what type of calories are consumed. Make the packing process easier by taking the opportunity to incorporate nutritious lunches and high-fiber snacks into your children’s diet.

Eat well. Much of your health is related to what you consume each day. A healthy, balanced diet that includes a lot of leafy greens, fruit, and water can help support optimal health.

Use technology for scheduling workouts and support. Depending on fitness level and personality, a woman looking for support or who is just plain competitive can use any number of fitness apps that support those trying to achieve health goals while tracking their own progress.

Seek counsel from others. The best way to achieve good health is to talk to others who are either experts or knowledgeable in the subject. Contact a dietician or physical trainer in the beginning to develop a meal plan or a workout that will help you achieve your fitness and dietary goals. Search the many online fitness sites that can help novice health buffs navigate a health plan.

When people have good health, they are more rested, they feel great and they look amazing. This is an attainable goal, even for a busy mother whose time is divided between a career and children. By incorporating an exercise and diet plan that can include children, mothers can develop a lifestyle that is focused on health and optimal well-being.