To know if the time is right for your teen to get behind the wheel can be a difficult decision for many moms.

With that in mind, when will you know your kid should get a license and driving a family vehicle or one you buy for them?

The biggest sign you will look for is their level of responsibility.

Are they someone who is not only getting good grades in school, but does work around the home and outside of it? When you sense they have a high level of responsibility, you will feel better about them getting out on the road.

So, has the time come for your teen to drive?

Do They Drive a Family Vehicle or Do You Buy Them One?

Once you’ve gone ahead and given your blessing for your teen to drive, the next decision is the vehicle they will use.

Some moms are fine with their teen using the family vehicle to get around. For other parents, it may come time to buy a car or truck for their kid.

If you are in the latter group, do you get them a new car or truck or a used one?

Many moms will note that finances dictate it be a used vehicle. If this sounds like you, get something that is not only roadworthy, but also safe for your teen to be in.

One of the means to go about this is to do a VIN check.

Such a check will allow you to see if the vehicle is as good as the seller indicates it is.

Whether buying through a dealership or private seller, do not drive off with what could be a lemon. Doing so is not only a safety risk for your teen and others, but it can also prove to be a financial disaster.

That VIN check will help you discover if the car or truck has been in any notable accidents. Such accidents would be more than your occasional fender-bender.

You also want to know the make and model of the vehicle. This will help you see if any major recalls are going on with such brands at the moment.

Last, always make sure the odometer reading is in fact accurate. Getting a car with odometer tampering is illegal on the seller’s part. It can put you in position to have an older than you thought vehicle.

Once you’ve bought the vehicle for your teen, you want to be sure they take care of it.

This includes putting in gas, checking the oil, and letting you know if anything is amiss.

In deciding to buy a used vehicle for your teenager, don’t rush into the decision.

By taking your time and doing the necessary research, you and your teen will be better off.

So, will you drive off with the right decision when it comes to your teenager and driving?