Chocolate bars

CBD products are gaining momentum in the marketplace, and as the industry expands, different types of CBD-infused products become available. Green Door West offers a variety, including different products in their edibles section.

Mondo Dust

The ever-famous dissolving powder that can go into anything you’re drinking gives you the needed effects of your medical cannabis requirements, and contours to your lifestyle. You don’t have to just toss it into water; mix it up with anything you’d like.

Dark Chocolate Bars

When you need the full effect of your medical cannabis in a fun an exciting way, you can enjoy it in the form of chocolate. Get your full benefits in high-potency, dark chocolate that hits the spot on more than one account.

CBD Candy Hearts

Designed to get the perfect dosage to you in each individual bite, Candy Hearts are as delicious as they are effective. You get a lot of the full benefits offered by Green Door West-sponsored products, such as being all-organic and having no GMO.

Star Cluster Cookies

These aren’t just insanely delicious, but they’re also ultra-nutritious. Made by Moonman’s Mistress, these fine people wanted to find a way to get the effects of medical marijuana to those who rely on it in a fun, tasty, and health-conscious way – and they did!

Marijuana delivery is a growing trend all across Los Angeles, and with the way legislation is going, it could be seen in other cities as well. Check out Green Door West’s website for more information on what areas they service. Cannabis delivery at Green Door West is certain to revolutionize marijuana delivery across LA.