Love of Luvanto

Of the many flooring options out there to choose from, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring has won over the hearts of many enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

Among the many brands within the world of vinyl, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is among the most popular choices due to its various styles, palettes and properties which appeal to those looking to layer their home with personality.

The reason why is spread across many areas, not just because of the stunning realism it presents to your floor. Luvanto vinyl is immensely practical and comes with a range enviable to its competitors.

Presenting a hassle free solution built to last, Luvanto Click Collection presents an innovative joint locking system that is swift and easy to lay in as little as a single day if required. Being of the easiest methods of flooring to clean and maintain, simple vacuuming eliminates the expense of purchasing polishes and other specialist chemical solutions. So not only are you saving on the installation costs, you won’t need to hire a cleaning force to keep your floor looking its best.

Whilst wear and tear can happen to any type of flooring alternative, Luvanto Click has revolutionised the durability scale to offer the ultimate in hardwearing flooring with a 0.5mm heavy duty wear layer. The extra thickness does not mean you will be hearing a heavier noise thanks to it being complimented by Soundclick Underlay, deadening any loud noises that can disturb your working or relaxing day.

For those hectic houses, you don’t need to worry about accidents around the house due to high slip resistance of R10, ensuring that the young and your elderly relatives will be safe from any potential occurrences.

Also, you don’t have to fear those occasions where water could damage your floor due to the high levels of water resistance properties weaved into the design of these highly durable planks and tiles. To ensure any water does not seep through to the underlay level, Luvanto has perfected their resistance properties to maximum effect leaving your floor 100% protected.

With comfort and warmth in mind, Luvanto flooring brings both a soft and warm presence to its top layer giving your feet a relaxing evening after a tough day’s work. For those extra levels of warmth and comfort, Luvanto is a perfect companion to underfloor heating so every room of the house can offer the ultimate in relaxation all year around.

With Luvanto’s warranty bringing 25 years of protection for domestic floors, it’s a guarantee that you will be safe and satisfied with the levels of protection and easy maintenance provided by the nation’s popular flooring brand, leaving you with the only difficult question of which range to choose between the likes of Vintage Grey Oak all the way to Polished Black Slate.

Luvanto is to love your home.