Being a mom is easily the toughest and most rewarding job there is, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. Besides keeping everyone happy, fed and clean, a lot of moms find themselves having to search for jobs that can not only put food on the table, but also be flexible enough to fit around their parenting schedule.

Being a working mom is no simple task, but the good news is there are jobs out there that can help you achieve your goals. With an accommodating schedule and a little creativity, you can make sure you’re available for both your career and kids.

Choosing a career that works

The first and most important step in choosing a career that works when you’re a mom, is finding something that’s flexible enough to fit around your schedule. Usually, this will mean looking for jobs that offer things like remote working and adjustable routines.

To make yourself more appealing for jobs like this, you might need to consider upgrading your education or investing in additional certifications so that your resume stands out from the crowd. For instance, Northeastern’s online MBA could help to identify you as someone who has not only the dedication required to study online, but also the skills needed for running a business.

Studying online is ideal for moms who want to re-enter the world of work in a more flexible way, because you can manage lessons around your schedule. For instance, you can focus on tasks and assignments during the hours when your children are sleeping or at school. With advanced educational qualifications on your resume, you’ll be in a much better place to look at a more flexible and rewarding career.

Here are just some of the jobs that can offer flexible careers for working mothers:

  1. Small business owner

Becoming a small business owner might seem like quite a challenge, but it’s a career that a lot of moms are considering today. The good news is that as long as you have a passion for something, there’s a good chance that you can transform it into a business. Hone in on your specific talents and look for ways to open your own company from home. For example, you could sell handmade wares on Etsy, or sell your services on Facebook.

  1. Teacher

The great thing about working as a teacher is they have a very similar schedule to their kids. Yes, you’ll have to find time to put together lesson plans and so-on, but it can be a lot easier year-by-year as you’ll the same time off as your children, which is ideal for planning breaks together. If you’re looking for a career with greater flexibility, you could consider working as a substitute teacher.

  1. Appraiser or realtor

Real-estate agents are lucky in that they can often set their own schedule, but they need to be available on weekends and nights. With that in mind, you might not be suited for this job if you need to be home with your kids in the evenings. A career as either an appraiser or a real estate agent will require certifications, they are usually quite flexible jobs which offer competitive benefits and great pay for the average mom.

  1. Interior designer

If you love everything to do with décor and design, then interior design might be the perfect industry for you. While training and education can be preferred in this industry, they’re not always entirely necessary. You can build your clientele through cheap advertising and networking through friends and family. If you start off with low rates, you’ll be able to start improving your presence month by month.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancing means that you work for a company without any kind of long-term commitment and you simply work as an independent contractor according to your own availability. It’s not the most stable of jobs, but it is flexible and often well-paid, depending on your area of expertise.

Becoming a working mom

Living life as a working mom can be a highly challenging experience. You need to find the time to not only study for your career, but also help it grow. The good news is that online learning and a range of newly flexible job opportunities could make your journey into the world of work just a little easier. All you need to do is decide which career works for you, and grab hold of the opportunity!