Orthodontics is not properly understood by most people. There is this belief that everything is just about braces that are worn in order to correct teeth appearance but at the same time, they are really useful for improving some functional issues caused by crooked teeth and misalignment.

Dr. Kami Hoss fully understands that many adults do not like braces because of the fact they do not look great. What should be understood is that dentistry advancements in the past few years led to the situation in which we can actually select out of various different brace types, like metal braces, ceramic braces or really modern systems like lingual braces and invisible braces.

The lingual braces are very similar to a traditional brake of the “train-track” type. However, the lingual brace will be placed by the dentist on your teeth’s inside area, not on the outside. Besides this, what you should know, according to super dentist Dr. Kami Hoss, is listed below.

Advantages Of Lingual Braces

  • Aesthetics

When compared with other braces, the lingual brace is placed inside teeth curvature. People will not even realize the fact that you are wearing them unless the person gets really close. This is particularly important for those for whom appearance is very important.

  • A Lack Of Discoloration

Teeth staining is another reason why people avoid dental braces. Because the lingual brace is located behind teeth, staining will not be noticeable. That is important when you want to have teeth whitened.

  • Multiple Choice Of Systems And Prices

The lingual brace will be custom-made. You can choose out of various different bracket systems and designs. At the moment there are many brands that are selling these types of braces. It is practically impossible to not find systems that are perfect for your needs and budgets.

  • Lingual Braces Are Great For Musicians

Those that play wind instruments should seriously consider using lingual braces because musical performance is not going to be affected as much as with the traditional brace.

Disadvantages Of Lingual Braces

You should always think about the disadvantages of having lingual braces put in. The big ones are the following:

  • Costs

This is by far the main disadvantage associated with lingual braces. The brace type is custom-made with the use of really fast prototyping techniques like CAM or CAD software. You end up paying a lot more when compared with the other opportunities available on the market. The dental costs are also higher because you need to go to the dentist more often and you spend more time there.

  • Hard To Remove

It is possible to have plaque located on the tooth’s inner portion because of improper cleaning and brushing. Having the braces put in makes the areas hard to reach. Removing wires and brackets will be much more difficult than with the other dental brace options. When you compare lingual braces with the traditional braces, extra time is necessary for adjustment, placement and cleaning.

  • Discomfort

The lingual braces will be put behind the teeth so you are going to initially feel some discomfort. Especially in the beginning, you will find it hard to eat or speak. Around 2 weeks are needed to get used to the lingual braces.