We all see the singers on TV, in movies, and in contests and marvel at their talent. It seems so exciting and glamorous to be a famous singer and many people aspire to this career. What could be more invigorating than singing in front of huge crowds? Most singers want this type of fame. However, there are some singers who prefer to pursue other careers in this field. Also, there are many people who love to sing and are very good at it, but for whatever reason do not want to sing in front of large groups of people or be the center of attention. Fortunately, there are many careers in singing that can meet these varied and diverse needs and preferences.


These days, many television and radio ads have catchy jingles or remakes of older songs. Every day, dozens of these are being recorded for use in local, regional and national advertising. The singers they use vary based on the style of music and product being advertised. For this reason, many singers are needed to ensure that just the right voice is available for a particular ad campaign. This type of work can pay very well for national ads, but less so for local ads. In any event, if you make the right contacts in the music industry you can get this type of work.


Every great singer has other singers to support them with harmonies and ‘backup’ vocals. If you see any big tour you will notice multiple additional singers. For these singers, some stage presence is necessary, but they generally do not have to be great dancers or showmen. This is a great way to sing in front of large crowds without having to lead the show. However, it can be a stepping stone to fame and many backup singers have gone on to be great front men or women.

Cover Band

Many bands are making a very good living performing popular songs (called ‘covers) in bars, clubs and at countless events like weddings and outdoor festivals. These bands often have male and female singers. In some cases, the musicians sing but often times they want a pure singer to lead the show. For a talented singer it is usually not too difficult to find a good band. All it takes is some hard work and the willingness to work at odd hours on nights and weekends.


One area often overlooked by singing enthusiasts is teaching singer. This can be done part-time or full-time and you can do it right in your own home or give voice lessons online. Of course, a high degree of proficiency is necessary and you will likely need to learn how to teach from some with experience in the field, but with some extra effort this can be a career for a lifetime.

These are just some ideas to explore if you are considering a career in singing or want to put the talent you have to good use. While some skill and experience is required, you should know that these goals are achievable. Many people miss out on exciting opportunities just because they are afraid or insecure. You have nothing to lose by trying so if it appeals to you then give it a shot!