At this point we’ve all heard of the home remedies. Apply aloe vera, honey, oatmeal or maybe some banana peels and see if that helps. Bug bites are almost unavoidable in life, and it makes sense to look towards home remedies to relieve the itching, inflammation and irritation caused by them. If you’re tired of rubbing various kitchen ingredients on your skin every time you get a bite, maybe it’s time to look into CBD topicals as a potential treatment for your itchy bug bites.  

Bug bites, such as mosquito bites, most commonly cause mild symptoms such as redness, itching, stinging or swelling. When you get bit by a mosquito, your body recognizes its saliva as a foreign substance. This causes your immune system to attempt to flush out the saliva by releasing histamine ​ as an inflammatory response which makes your skin itchy, swollen and sometimes sore. This is when a lot of people might advise you to try out some of those home remedies, but research indicates CBD might be able to help. Compelling studies indicate CBD may have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, which may help to quell your body’s inflammatory response to mosquito bites.  

I personally discovered this relief after a weekend of camping in the mountains in colorful Colorado. My legs were covered in mosquito bites and I was going crazy from all of the annoying itching! I had read some research about CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory effects and decided to try out the Active CBD Oil salve to help calm the affected areas.​ Within 15 minutes the irritation had diminished and the swelling of the bites had noticeably subsided. The relief lasted throughout the night, which allowed me to go back to sleep. The next morning I reapplied the salve to my bites and by the end of the day they were almost gone! Not only did the salve help relieve my bug bites, but I really enjoyed that the Active CBD Oil salve has natural ingredients that didn’t further irritate my skin.  

CBD topicals have been incredibly helpful for me whether I’m trying to treat obnoxious mosquito bites or other inflammation. I love how versatile CBD topicals have been for me when it comes to treating a variety of problems, especially the Active CBD Oil salve. Maybe they will help you too on your next adventure into the wild!