Riding motocross can be an extremely dangerous sport, so it is vital that riders wear the equipment offering the highest protection. Unfortunately, like most things in life, consumers really do get what they pay for so when choosing your gear, please be sure to choose wisely.

Over the course of the last few years Sidi have continually produced the best motocross boots on the market. They are a proven standard and really give a lot of bang for your buck. Apart from boots, a helmet is just a close second in importance when it comes to protective gear. You can get away with not wearing a helmet but you will soon give up without boots. They protect the rider from rocks and other debris that are dislodged by the tires of the rider before you. It also protects the rider’s legs from being crushed by a fallen machine.

Over the last few years, a range of smaller, lesser known brands has made an entry to the market. They offer products for $70-130, but let’s face it, they really do not offer the protection that serious motocross riders really need.

On the other hand, Sidi Motocross boots are priced from as little as $120 (for kids) right through to the highest amount. The development of their products over the years means they do not just offer products of excellent function, but they are also extremely fashionable as well.

Recommended Motocross Boots

Sidi Vertigos Boots

The Vertigos Boots now has decades of experience behind them in terms of quality of design and have a range of unique boots including their Sidi Vertigos. Although they are packed with features, they are affordable.some of the features keeps your toe in tact, including two impact shock absorbers, shin plates and toe sliders and a Teflon-treated interior lining.

Sidi Vertigo Lei Lady motorcycle boots

It can be a struggle to buy boots for female riders that do their job properly but still have style. Luckily the Sidi Vertigo Lei Lady motorcycle boots have found this balance. They meet the same high spec as their male counterparts but have a more tapered design — giving a feminine twist to a quality boot for less than $300.

Sidi Courier Trials

If you’re searching for luxury boots for the regular touring fanatic, the Sidi Courier Trials are a great option. These have been hand made in Italy with fine grade leather, a quick release fastening system and molded shin impact deflector. They’re exceptionally comfortable and less than 200$ if purchased online.

Sidi Vertigo Air Boots Sidi Vertigo Air motorcycle boots are sought after. Their design includes multiple shock absorbers, a patented closing system that strengthens the boot rather than leaving it weak at the zip point, and a contoured, non-slip sole. And they are probably the best looking boots around at the moment?

Sidi Saber motocross boots

These motocross boots provide the rigidity and strength required in the rocky world of motocross racing. To enjoy the sport, you need this type of boot, since it is designed to with shin protection and arch support. At under $165 they’re a winner with motocross riders throughout Europe and America.

They also developed an aerodynamic profile to minimize air drag. Some models have an inner portion that affords support for the feet and enhances safety. Of course, it follows that the more superior the features, the higher the price.