School Supplies

Back to School Preparation

School is in and so are your new supplies for the upcoming school year. Is that time of the year again when we go shopping for our new notebooks, binders, pens and cases. To all the busy moms out there — Get your children prepared with their back to school supplies so they can start their year off with everything you need.

It’s important to take the time to pick your school supplies, getting everything ready before classes can improve your chances to maximize your potential at school. When you are missing a pen or a notebook you are missing the notes, homework and important information that is given at the introductory classes every starting school cycle has.

When Summer is over it means that we are heading back to what will be yet another year of classes and the best way avoid missing notes or homework from the first day is to have everything organized. Some tips that can be useful are to have your all back to school supplies ready before the first day of classes, don´t wait until the last minute to get your supplies ready.

There are two types of people, the ones that like to have everything in one place and other ones that prefer having notebooks for each of their classes, we have everything for both.

Back to School Necessities


The best way to have everything organized and at the same place is a binder. Here you can find the A4 Purple Binder at only $1. To complete your binder add an A4 color Page for only $1 more.


If you are a notebook lover you can pick from a wide selection of cool notebooks such as the A5 Harry Potter Magic Notebook, A5 Wiro Boss Lady Notebook, the Square Unicorn Notebook or Scribblicious A5 Notebook – Assorted take a look in our Notebook section to check out all the fabulous designs.

Pencils & Pens

There’s always that someone who forgets to pack their pencils and pens. Buy a package of ten Bic Crystal Original Black for only $2 and a package of twelve HB Pencils for $0.79 and be able to share with all your classmates. For sure, more than one will need one. If you like to put some color to your notes don’t miss the opportunity to buy the Hot Now Scribblicious Fine Line Coloured Pens for $5.

Pencil Cases

Save all your pens and pencils with a super affordable pencil case. Get the Helix Clear Pencil Case for only $1 or a Refreshers Barrel Pencil Case for $3.


Pro Tip: Get an agenda! That way you will never forget anything and you can schedule your activities and due dates perfectly, this way you won’t miss a thing. Get the super nice B5 Elephant Repeat 2018 Diary for $3, a classic A6 Black 2018 Diary for $1 or A5 World 2018 Diary for $2.