There are many people who have dreams of one day becoming a movie director or a writer and one of the keys to this is being able to tell a story. On a personal note one of the biggest challenges that I am faced with when trying to write a story about love, an FBI or RICO probe, illness, deception or any other story that I can think of with heroes, crooks an victims, is actually being able to do so without coming across like a fraud trying to scam my readers or viewers. Being a story teller in this way is not just a great way to get creative but it can actually give you a payday that can set you up for life. I spoke with my good friend Adrian Rubin Facebook friend and storyteller about how you can think of ideas for a great story.

Close to Home

If you live a good life in a safe neighborhood and the most eventful thing to happen to you was that one time when you saw someone breaking into a car, writing a novel or a movie about a crime family is possibly not the smartest move. It is important that whilst you are being creative, that you write about things that are close to home. The characters that you write about should be based loosely on the people that you know and interact with on a daily basis and you should really endeavor to come up with a story based on a subject that you know plenty about.


The key to writing a story is about exaggerating the facts and this is true whether you are writing a fantasy story, a story about love and loss or a crime thriller. When you take the truth from your own life and turn it into a story, the key is to massively over-exaggerate what you see around you. Your own experiences become a loose foundation for your overall story and with a touch of creative flair, you can turn it into a great piece of art.


As well as featuring an element of truth in your story, you should also look to use a subject that you are truly passionate about. Without having passion for what you are writing about, you will never be able to truly envelop yourself in what you are writing and the story will suffer as a consequence. Think about what your passions are and then consider how you can turn them into the basis of a great story, do this and the whole writing process will become a great deal easier.


You should also ensure that you write about the things that bother you in the world and the subjects that you deeply care about. Even if you are writing a sci-fi story, you can still make it relevant to the things in real life that you care about.