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The way we use the internet is changing and web design trends are no exception. The best way forward is to maintain consistency at all costs. From branding, to content to images, all must be kept to the highest standard and aligned to your business goals.

The evolution of Google search engines routinely provides specific criteria which makes a website more visible, meaning that you must regularly update your content and optimise your website to meet this criteria and be seen highest up in the search results.


Demonstrating that you’re a professional in your field comes down to presenting yourself professionally online. An outdated website with poorly placed imagery is bound to deter potential clients, so should you go about presenting your business online?

Paramount to your online success is shedding a positive light on your company. Your website is a platform to showcase your businesses best-bits and exhibit why your products and services are superior to your competitors. Responsive web design in Stockport gives your website device versatility, meaning it can be assessed at any time from any piece of technology your customers have access to. 

Secure Safety Online

This year is full of stories of data hacks, breaches and information being corrupted or stolen.

Your website is no exception to hackers taking a chances at accessing your websites data from within the backend and using it to manipulate how accessible your website is or share personal information of users or owners of the site for their own benefit.

Frequent software updates are key to protecting your website from the attacks of hackers. Revaluating your hosting provider can mean that you stop paying for a ‘happy-go-lucky’ priced service and sign onto a secure, legitimate hosting provider. No amount of saving is worth data leaks.

Get Your Message Across

Making your content great is the difference between looking the part and acting the part. Content should be informative, with small doses of industry terminology so the writing style you use should be universal. 

There are 3 magic elements to the perfect content: timing, topic and direction.

The average time you have to get an customers attention is 5 to 10 seconds – not a lot right? Don’t get too technical too quickly. Draw your audience in slowly with fun facts or even surprising statistics, layered with nice images. Most of all though, believe what you’re saying. Even virtual consumers will spot a fake or illegitimate business.

Whether you’re redesigning an existing website or starting from scratch, Stockport website design can help you navigate the world of business online.