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Want to switch up your kid’s room design without breaking the budget? We get it. Kids are constantly getting into new things. What they loved last week is old news this week.

And when it comes to their bedrooms, they constantly want to redecorate to have their space reflect their personalities.

Here are seven inexpensive decorating ideas for kids’ bedrooms so you can create a cozy space they’ll love!

1. Choose Storage That Is Fun and Functional

News flash: kids have a lot of stuff! Who’s surprised? Toys, games, clothes… No one ever knows where it all comes from. But it has to go somewhere. Often, that means clothes are stuffed into already-bursting closets, and toys are stacked in clear plastic boxes.

Functional, yes. But not fun. And not very nice to look at.

With your kid’s room design, utilize every bit of spare space. Choose beds with drawers or space for storage boxes underneath. Multicolored or patterned plastic boxes look a lot nicer than white ones and will hide what’s inside, making their bedroom look tidier.

2. Pick a Theme and Stick to It

Marvel wallpaper, animal print bedding, princess-themed lampshades… Your child will naturally have a lot of interests and want to express them. But expressing them via their bedroom decor will end up looking like a car crash.

And what happens next month, when princesses are no longer cool? Try and encourage your child to pick a kids room design theme that is more consistent and will grow with them for at least a few years.

If they’re still silly about superheroes and won’t change their mind, that’s fine! But maybe keep the walls and carpet neutral and change their bedding and display a few action figures.

That’s much cheaper to adjust when superheroes are out and wrestling is in!

3. Switch Up Their Bedroom Wall Art

If your child has been begging you to change up their bedroom and you need kids room decorating ideas on a budget, try refreshing just the walls.

There are some fantastic 3D designs for toddlers room and big kids’ rooms that will feel like the whole bedroom has been updated.

You could also create a gallery wall of their artwork. Framing everything will look so much neater and they can swap out new works.

4. Furniture That Will Grow With Them

Those teeny tiny wardrobes for baby clothes and cabinets with built-in changing tables are absolutely adorable. And those little pink beds with canopies hanging over the top are the cutest things.

But they’re not useful very long, are they?

Source neutral, good quality furniture for your child’s bedroom as early as you can. It’s often the biggest expense when redecorating. Initially, buying furniture that’s built to last will be much easier on the wallet long term. 

5. Get Creative and Crafty

It’s your kid’s bedroom, so they should put in their fair share of the work! 

If you’re not too precious about walls and furniture, get them involved. You could get stickers to put on their furniture and walls, or even make your own lampshades.

Getting them involved in your kids room design will make them feel accomplished and they won’t grow tired of something they made so quickly.

6. Include Your Kids in the Design Process

Redecorating a bedroom for one child can be a lot of work. But if you’re looking for a new kids room design for two kids (or more!) it can be difficult to get them to agree.

Include your kids in the design process as much as possible. Don’t start redecorating until they can agree. You might be the one putting in the hard work, but if they don’t love it (or if one does and one doesn’t!) you can expect more headaches in the years to come.

7. Pick Up a Fun Statement Piece

In the 1990s and early 2000s, a fun statement piece was simply a blow-up chair or lava lamp. You don’t need to buy a new TV or expensive technology to get your kid excited about their new bedroom!

Choose something silly and fun or help them pick something out. You can guarantee they’ll remember that 4ft stuffed elephant much better than what TV they had.

Take Your Kid’s Room Design to the Next Level

Want more ideas for your kid’s room design? We have plenty of parenting tips and DIY guides. Please take a look around our site to discover more!