Investment Property

Are you finally thinking of putting up your investment property for rent?

You obviously purchased this property to earn profitable returns. However, sitting around and waiting for the right tenant to walk through your door will land you nowhere on the charts. You need to put in adequate efforts to lure potential tenants and convince them into paying the best possible rental value for your property.

But, how do you accomplish that?

While it’s important to have your property listed on the right platforms, like BuyMyHome – your work just doesn’t end there. Experts like Advantage Property Styling – one of Sydney’s leading property styling/staging companies – believe that the art of property styling has more or less evolved into a key ingredient in securing a better deal when it comes to renting out or selling a property.

The whole mantra is pretty simple. You don’t need too much time or effort to achieve the look that will sway almost any tenant your way. Here’s what you need to be careful about:

Clean It Up

Whether you’ve been previously living in it, had it let out, or have just purchased it – before putting it on the market for rent, make sure it’s clean. You don’t want cluttered floors or surfaces. Any stained pieces of furniture needs to go out or be up-cycled. The windows, the bathrooms, the kitchen – everything needs to be spick and span.

Fix What’s Broken

Squeaking doors, broken window glass, and hanging door knobs – none of that makes a good impression on your potential tenants. Seeing the small things ignored might make your potential tenants wonder about the possibility of bigger issues in the property. You don’t want them coming into the property and cringing inwardly thinking “Am I actually going to pay X dollars for this?”

Get these things fixed. Your property should be styled in a way that immediately makes the tenants go “This is just what I want, let’s close the deal!”

Freshen it Up

This doesn’t mean that you need to splurge on renovations to give your investment property a fresh new look. Small changes such as wall art, soft furnishings, or simply renting indoor plants can achieve the purpose. The idea is to make the property look inviting enough to let the potential tenants picture themselves living in it – you don’t need to spend a lot on that.

Un-Theme It

That jungle-themed room your kid loved so much while you lived in the property has to go. It’s not necessary that the tenants that are interested in the property are fond of that theme. Concentrate on keeping the colour palette of the property as neutral as you can. It’s much easier to play around with neutral hues than it is to deal with themed schemes.

Spend Wisely

If you think remodeling the bathrooms or completely renovating the kitchen can attract better prospects, make sure you consult your property agent about it. There’s no point spending a fortune on something that would get you the desired returns.

It is humanly impossible to be an expert on everything. You might be great at convincing people, but not necessarily just as good at styling a property. This is where the experts come in. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult the experts – it can save you time and money too!