Milk, along with other milk products, are full of calcium and other nutrients. We choose dairy because it’s supposed to be good for our bones, and even for weight loss…but what if there were better options? Let’s take a look at why dairy might not be the best choice for you.

It’s high in fat

Even if you choose the lowest fat dairy, you’re still adding fats into your diet that are unnecessary. You need to cook with a little fat, and if you eat meats you have additional fat there. But the fat in dairy tends to be higher than we realize, especially when we look at non-skim milk, cheeses, ice creams, and cream for our coffee. It’s not really something we need in our diet, it’s more of a treat, so consider skipping it for the next grocery run, and saving it for a special occasion.

Some people are allergic without realizing it.

Many people have been drinking milk, eating ice cream, and using cheeses and yogurts for their entire lives without much of a break. Whatever their digestion is like, they believe that it’s normal, even if they have painful bathroom breaks, are bloated, or have a belly they can’t get rid of. These can be symptoms of a dairy allergy. Consider giving it up for a few weeks and see if anything changes. You could become more regular, your belly could flatten out, and you could be less bloated, which all equate to both feeling and looking better.

Some people claim it causes acne and worse cellulite

We all want smooth skin, and there are so many reports of women who react to dairy with breakouts that it’s worth mentioning here. Some women are prone to cystic acne, and this seems to flare up more in those sensitive to dairy. There are even reports of women who have given up dairy entirely to have the cellulite on their thighs and butts diminish so much, they swore off milk products permanently.

It’s surprisingly low in nutrients

Milk does have a fair amount of calcium, but the only other vitamins have been added in at the factory, and are in a synthetic form. It would be easier to get your calcium, as well as other nutrients, from whole food sources. Dark leafy greens are especially calcium dense, even sardines and broccoli have at least as much calcium than milk, and they have loads of other vitamins and minerals too.

Dairy is highly processed

The dairy products you find in the grocery store are highly processed, and not truly a whole, natural food. Dairy products have been heated to the point where the proteins are denatured and the fats are broken down. This means that your body has a harder time digesting and using them, and your immune system could be triggered into treating dairy proteins as invaders. You can have all sorts of symptoms, from feeling puffy, to brain fog, to being tired all the time. Some people even experience joint pain that disappears completely when they remove dairy from their diet.

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