Baby Feeding

If you are a new mom maybe you’re having a difficult time remembering everything you should do and know in order to be the best one. Don’t fret; below we have a list of 4 ways to make sure your baby is happy, healthy and satisfied.

Baby Care Tips

We know babies are really delicate and sometimes bathing them can be scary, but in order to raise a healthy one, you should be sure to keep your baby clean at all times.

Follow these doctor recommended tips:

  1. Wash your baby’s face and body daily with a sponge and neutral baby soap, once the umbilical cord falls or the circumcision heals, you can move to a bathtub.
  2. If your baby is having trouble with mucus, unclog nostrils with an infant nasal bulb; you can buy them in any pharmacy.
  3. To prevent diaper rash, change your baby frequently, a handy tip is to rinse your baby’s bottom with water during each change and dry, using wipes can irritate their skin.

Sleeping and Rest

If your baby isn’t eating, he’s probably sleeping. This is fundamental for a child to grow strong and healthy. A newborn sleeps on average 16 hours and in short periods of 2 – 4 hours. It’s important to make your baby’s crib comfy and safe. Place your baby on its back to reduce risks of SIDS, also remove any toys or fluffy things that can suffocate your baby or tangle him.

Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy soothing your baby; when you cradle your child you’re creating a bond between both of you.


Breastfeeding is really important for your child and it’s the ideal food for them in order to grow healthy. Breast milk is easy to digest and it gives your baby all the nutrients strengthening its immune system, keeping him safe from infections.

There is no “perfect time” to feed your baby, it’s recommended to be fed on demand. If your baby is 6 months or more, solids have to be part of their diet. Always look for simple recipes with not so many ingredients or just opt for a single vegetable pure.

If you’re a busy mom and have no time to cook or prepare food for your baby, then picking up some baby food in pouches would be a very smart idea. You can find many organic options which are less processed than typical baby food and packed with real nutrients. Fortunately, your baby will never get sick of the food because they offer a variety of delicious flavors such as Apple Maqui Berry, Banana, Potato and Kale Mash, Tropical Mango and Oats and Berries.


Even though your baby is on his back all the time, he’s actually exercising by moving his hands or kicking his legs. Besides his normal daily movements, it’s important to give him a small exercise routine essential for his motor development. Some good options would be to cycle your baby’s legs, besides working his lower body, hips, knees and abs, this motion can help relieve gas. Another helpful exercise is to position your baby facing down, this “tummy time” will help him build muscles in his neck, back, arms and other upper muscles.