So many worthy attractions beg for the attention from a tourist traveling in India. The small town of Katra, or Katra  Vaishno Devi as it is more formally known, is no different. With its inviting beauty, small town charm and well-known religious sites there is no lack to see and do. Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir at the foot of the Trikuta mountains, there is an endless amount of reasons to go. Here are five reasons why you must add Karta to your India travel itinerary.

Night Trekking

A trek during the day is fun, a night trek to Mata Viashno Devi Temple is a true adventure. This temple can be reached via intermediate trek about 13 kilometers from Katra. Once you arrive the cave will be easy to find. From here you are welcome to partake in the worship of several gods, Maa Kali, Maa Saraswati and Maa Lakshmi, or just enjoy some personal meditation and enlighten your senses. The beauty of illuminated Katra at night is photo worthy, so be sure and pack your camera.


Plenty of things to temp your tourist take-home list are available in this well visited area. All of it can be found at the lively main bazzaar. Anything from woolen goods and leather jackets, to standard souvenirs and food for snacking on. This is again India, so remember to bargain or at least give it a try, chances are you’ll enjoy it just as much as the locals do and you’ll save some money too.

Adventure Activities

The area is blessed with more then just religions pilgrimages. If you want to seek out something that will really get your heart racing and probably have you praying to one god or another. Book yourself into one of the white-water rafting adventures. A pristine stretch of thrill-seeking happiness awaits, to literally wet your appetite. Make sure to check with one of your hotels in Katra,  or seek out reviews online to make sure the one you choose is both safe and exciting.

Beautiful Places To Stay

Just as inviting as the scenery, are the hotels. The Royal Krishna is one of the best in the area. It’s located central to all amenities for close easy access. The rooms are tastefully decorated with housekeeping service that is second to none. They also boast an onsite restaurant that is said to have an elaborate menu with tasty, sumptuous food. A stay here at one of the premium hotels in Katra, is a treat you deserve and is sure to inspire you with five-star reviews.

India is a world all its own and can easily leave you with a whole new impression of how you view the world. When planning you first, or next visit here be sure and add Katra to your India travel itinerary. Dotted with photo-worthy religious sites, tastefully designed hotels and adventure based moments to keep you dreaming about your next India get away. It’s a place you won’t soon forget.