We all know that Canadians can now purchase weed for recreational purposes, but did you know that almost all Canadians can also grow their own plants? As of October 17th, most provincial governments passed laws allowing residents to grow up to four recreational plants.

Four plants isn’t much, but it’s at least enough to get you started. If you want a higher plant count, consider applying for a medical license. For those who already have one, be sure to look into the ACMPR renewal Canada process.

No matter if you have a medical license or you’re sticking with the four recreational plants, there are plenty of perks to growing your own weed. So stop visiting retail cannabis shops and overpriced online dispensaries.

Here’s why you should start growing your own marijuana plants today.

You’ll save money in the long run

The price of legal weed isn’t cheap. And now that it’s legal you can expect to pay some outrageous government taxes for your gram, eighth, or ounce. On the black market, the average price of weed throughout Canada is around $7 per gram.

At government-run stores and online dispensaries, a gram can cost as much as $14. Sure, you can also find cheap prices but the quality is usually lacking.

The initial investment of starting your own grow op might be the one thing turning you off from growing. Depending on the size of your grow the cost of lights, fans, and other essential equipment can be steep.

But the initial investment is completely worth it. Even with raised electric and hydro bills, growing your own will be more cost effective in the long run. No more $14 per gram government weed.

This hobby can quickly turn into a passion

If you’re passionate about smoking weed, chances are you’ll become passionate about growing. What you first considered a hobby might turn into you life’s work. Of course growing a large crop can be challenging, but you might actually enjoy it.

Once you start learning the ropes, you’ll be more keen on experimenting with new strains and grow techniques. Eventually you’ll become a master and have a better understanding and appreciation for cannabis.

You’ll have complete control over the strains you want

At a retail store or online weed dispensary, you are limited to the products on hand. Some smokers know exactly what they want from their cannabis. The more you smoke the more you get an idea of what you like. Unfortunately, dispensaries won’t always have what you love.

This means it’s up to you to produce strains that you actually want to smoke. You can experiment with different strains to see what is easiest to grow and has the largest yield. When you grow your own you have complete control on whether you smoke sativa, indica, hybrid, or high CBD buds.

It’s actually legal!

Not everyone around the world can say that their government actually lets them grow weed…but Canadians can! Almost every province has actually legalized growing four recreational plants. No matter where you live in Canada, you can also apply for a medical license allowing hundreds of plants. The fact that you can actually legally grow is a huge bonus.