More and more organised sessions are moving over and migrating to EDI providers. Those businesses that have not yet done so are really missing out. Let’s take a look at the 10 key reasons why you should consider migrating over yourself.

10 Reasons to Migrate to EDI Providers

  1. It reduces costs. Your infrastructure will be taken care off, including staff.
  2. You significantly reduce the risk of losing data. EDI providers I have backups all over the world, which means that even if something were to go wrong with there physical machines they will have a backup of your backup.
  3. It simplifies your operations. It is likely that a lot of data you receive from other organizations will also be through EDI, which means that having your own system in place will make it much easier to receive that.
  4. You will never experience downtime and you received excellent support. In fact, uptime for EDI services is 99.9%. Plus,  support services are available 24/7.
  5. Your operations will be fully optimized.  because EDI is the most modern form of technology, your system will be fully fit for purpose and other businesses will be more likely to accommodate you even if they don’t use EDI yet.
  6. Your efficiency will be greatly increased. Any issues will be managed by the service provider comma which means you can focus on your work.
  7. All operations can be customized to your personal needs. This means that the services you receive will always be the best for your particular industry and line of business.
  8. If there is an update, you will be guaranteed to have it immediately. Because you effectively outsource part of your IT system, maintaining it, servicing it, and keeping it up to date is the responsibility of the provider, who will make sure that you always have the latest version.
  9. Your security will increase tremendously. In an era of regular data breaches and companies even going bust as a result, it is vital that all your data and information is kept secure. By having a good EDI system in place, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.
  10. You know exactly how much things are going to cost. You have 99.9% uptime, which means you get what you are paying for, also making it far easier to budget appropriately according to your needs.

Essentially, when you migrate to a managed EDI service, you will notice that your business improves as a whole and that your service will become far more efficient. The inevitable result is that your clients will be happy and that your customer satisfaction will therefore increase. Everybody knows that happy customers are returning customers and that returning customers are people who increase your overall earnings. Clearly therefore, there is no reason why you should still hold on to old and archaic technology when EDI is available. Do make sure however come up that you compare the market so that you find the provider that will best be able to meet your business’ needs.