Small Dogs

In the centuries old debate about which dogs are best; small dogs or big dogs, the battle continues to rage. Big dog lovers sight the fact that having a large pooch gets you a protector, a rough and tumble playmate, and a loud noise maker who can scare away potential trouble makers.

Small dogs lovers acknowledge these characteristics but say they can cite several more factors that make small dogs the hands down better choice. Here are some of their reasons for choosing small dogs over big ones:

You can buy them cute things

Big digs simply look silly if you dress them up. If you try you will completely ruin your reputation and lose most of your friends.

Small dogs are made to be bought really cute items for them to wear. Companies like Wooflink make the cutest tank tops, dresses, collars and sweaters bow ties, bows, brooches and other accessories and when the small dog has them n. they look like superstars. There is simply no comparison in this area. Small dogs are definitely better.

They are easier to take for a walk

Getting a big dog out for a walk can sometimes be a chore. You have to calm it down once it realizes it is walk time enough so that you can get it on its leash. Once outside if the dog is a puller, you might be dragged down the street. Heaven forbid the dog sees another dog, a cat or a squirrel, because then it is off to the races for an extra block or two. Also you have to take big dogs on much longer walks in order to make sure they get enough exercise. At least fifteen blocks of walking is probably a medium amount.

Small dogs can be handled easy during a walk. Getting them ready no matter how excited they are, is a breeze and you can simply pick them up to put their leash on and then you are out the door. They are easy to control and if they see another dog or a cat, you simply pick them up and keep walking. Finally, you only need to walk them for a block or two and they have enough exercise.

Bathing small dogs is so much easier

If you have ever bathed a large dog, you come to know that it is a nightmare. Big dogs cannot be held in one place and washed well. They squirm fight and run and then shake and get water and shampoo on everything. By the time you are done, everything is a mess. If you wash the dog outside it is not much easier, and the inconvenience of having to get a tub, hose and big brushes is such a hassle.

You can wash a small dog in your sink or bathtub. You can use one hand to hold the dog and the other to put dog shampoo and water on it without any problems. You will be done in half the time and cleanup is a breeze.

Most small dog lovers actually love big dogs too, but when asked to choose, there is no real debate about which ones are the best, it is definitely small dogs.