Around 3 years ago I was in something of a rut with my finances and myself and the family were forced to severely tighten our belts when it came to spending. After a chance meeting with financial professional Andrew Corbman, I was inspired to seek some financial advice for the family.

I had long considered financial advice to be something which only big businesses and wealthy individuals would use but it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The financial advisor that we enlisted was able to greatly improve my family’s finances and 3 years on we are now in a sound financial position with disposable income and very little stress. If your family is struggling, here is why you should seek financial advice.

Monthly Bills

The first thing that our financial advisor did for us was to review our monthly bills and got started with trimming them down so that we would have more money each month. In just a few weeks our advisor had reduced almost all of our bills through either taking advantage of promotions and price cuts, or switching providers altogether. The biggest expense that we had was our mortgage and our advisor was able to find us a great rate on a new mortgage which saw us paying less each month and paying less interest over the full term of our mortgage.

Spending Review

I was worried that our advisor wold judge us for our spending and tell us to stop but it really wasn’t like this. Instead, she showed us some great ways on how to track our spending and then at the end of the month reviewed it with us. After tracking our spending for the month, it was very easy to see where we were going wrong and where we could save money each month. We were never judged, rather helped in terms of our spending and we all knew very quickly how and where we could prevent unnecessary spending.

Future Planning

When you are struggling month to month, the last thing that you want to think about is the future and how you can financially prepare for it. Thankfully our financial advisor was very keen on us having an eye on the future and she brought us many options for how we could slowly put some money away for future years. I never thought that I would be able to save my money but with the savings that we made on our monthly spends, that is exactly what we were able to do.


Now that we are in a strong financial position, I have been able to work with our advisor on some small investments that I wanted to make. Our advisor has offered me many options for investment and has also taught me a great deal about how it all works. I could never have been able to be in this position were it not for her and if you and your family are struggling with your finances then you too ought to consult a professional.