Jeunesse Global is a company that focuses on the science of aging, helping people to look younger through better lifestyles. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis started the company in 2009 in Florida and they started by offering wholesome nutritional supplements and anti-aging creams. Now, they have significantly widened their product offering and they have worked together with world-renowned scientists to improve the quality of their products.

Thanks to word of mouth marketing, Jeunesse Global went from an interesting but small startup company, to a huge global company. This is a true testament to the effectiveness of their products, which have received thousands of positive reviews the world over. Their headquarters continue to be in the United States, but they have offices in Africa, Asia, and Europe as well.

Jeunesse Products and Do They Work?

Soon after launching, Jeunesse started to offer three main lines of products:

  1. Zen Bodi Nutrition, which enables people to recapture their youthful energy.
  2. Instantly Ageless, a microcream that instantly lifts the skin, leaving it looking younger.
  3. Luminesce, a line of products that helps to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.

The Luminesce personal care line is the best-known and most popular of all. It is made up of a range of products designed to strengthen and restore the skin itself. Meanwhile, its Zen Bodi nutrition line helps to provide the body with youthful, healthy energy from the inside, thereby positively affecting appearance as well. All their products use innovative scientific developments to ensure the skin not just looks younger, but actually becomes younger again.

Jeunesse Global has a culture of inclusivity, with a family-style approach. Hence, people can not only purchase their products, they can also sell them. Not just that, with every purchase made, Jeunesse works towards fighting global poverty. This means it is a very ethical company as well.

Every product in the line has been thoroughly and repeatedly tested for its effectiveness. They are based on adult stem cell research and the 200+ human growth factors that have been derived from this. As a result, all products are truly top of the line. Their products have a significant price tag, but if all their ingredients would be purchased individually, it would cost a lot more – and be far less effective!

The Jeunesse line of products is different. It doesn’t just provide a cosmetic solution that works for a short time only, it actually gets to work at improving the skin at a cellular level. It is for good reason that they have been so positively reviewed, and that they have been featured in so many magazines, news items, and television shows. It seems the company has truly thought of everything, from helping people to look and feel younger to becoming healthier on the inside to increasing their earning potential. And they have done this through real scientific research, creating products that have been proven to work thanks to their patient-pending stem cell technology.