In today’s world, everybody seems to always be busy. There is work, family life, school, chores, cooking, extracurricular activities, and more. Once weekend comes, most of us just want to sit and do nothing. We also live in an increasingly secular world, in which people don’t go to church every Sunday anymore like they used to. In fact, even people who do seem themselves as religious don’t go as often anymore. However, the Westside Family Church is keen to discuss the various benefits offered to the family by returning to church-going activities.

5 Key Reasons why Going to Church Helps the Family According to the Westside Family Church

Church helps to anchor the family. It is an opportunity to take kids – and adults – away from the electronic gadgets and the information overload, particularly when you consider much of that information is questionable at best. By going to church, people become in touch with the right morals and values again, keeping families grounded.

Church provides people with spiritual strength. It does this above and beyond what you can experience by simply being outside and at one with god. By participating in Communion, praying, and singing hymns, while also listening to sermons and worshipping with an entire congregation, a communal spirit is lifted. Children and adults feel reenergized and ready for the week ahead. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to simply spend the day as a family.

Church gives families fellowship. Families associate with other members of the congregation and this means that when challenging things happen, they have a network in place to support them. It is a sharing of love and encouragement, of community spirit and, again, of the right norms and values. Plus, people build friendships with other members of the congregation, building their own network for people who have the same standards as what they do.

Church gives you the strength to serve. It ensures children learn the importance of doing good for others, while gaining important practical skills as well. At the same time, you as an adult can do the same thing. Best of all, you can do it together. Building a home for the homeless or having a reading session with an elderly person is character building and in a very positive way.

Church ensures you get to know God. You, and your entire family, will grow closer to the lord. You will learn about him, what he taught, and what he commended and this will help to turn you into a better person. You will feel His love, sharing it with your family and bringing happiness around you.

The Westside Family Church wants to make sure that people find a church where they can feel at home. This church should, in a sense, become an extension of their own family. Doing so will bring great happiness to their personal life, the life of their family and their community, and, ultimately, the country and even the world as a whole.