If you are interested in street photography, you surely read a lot of advice aimed to help beginners. According to specialist Charles Nucci, most of the advice that is offered is wrong. While there are various different things that can be used to help you out at early career stages, most of what you hear will limit you. Charles Nucci recommends that you never believe the following advice often said to beginners street photographers.

Never Use Telescope Lenses

Many photographers will tell you that you have to get really close and personal in street photography. There is this belief that when you use the telescope lens you are not close enough. This is completely incorrect. In reality, when you first start doing some street photography, it is a very good idea to use telephoto lenses because of the fact that you will be nervous about getting close to people. At the same time, capturing natural images is much easier if subjects have no idea they are photographed.

Street Photography Needs To Be Black And White

The number of people that recommend monochrome street photography is really high at the moment but just as everything in photography, the majority does not dictate the best outcome. Shooting in a monochrome setting does not mean you will automatically get better shots. In fact, you are much better off if you shoot in color and convert to a monochrome photograph with the use of the computer. Also, if you shoot in color you can easily decide if the image is better in monochrome or as the original.

Street Photography Is Always Art

Most street photographs are highly artistic but this does not mean all street photography is art. Charles Nucci says he often sees San Francisco photographers that believe everything they shoot on the streets is art. In reality, he says many street photographs are incredibly bad. Just as with every niche you might want to learn more about, in street photography you need to practice. Most of the photos you shoot will be bad or will not have anything that makes them special.

Don’t Use Digital Cameras

A really large portion of street photographs are purists and say the best photos are always shot on film. They recommend avoiding digital cameras but Charles Nucci believes this is incorrect, especially when referring to beginners. Shooting film is not a bad idea but the reasons highlighted by street photographs are not at all realistic. There is no rule that has to be followed in this case. If you are more comfortable using digital cameras, it is something that you can always do. All this is just personal preference.

You Need To Use Leica Cameras

Leica is the one camera brand that is mostly associated with street photography so many aspiring photographers end up thinking they need this particular brand. Just as with all photography styles in the world, if you want to take pictures in street settings, there is a huge possibility you can use any possible brand.