You might be sweating buckets at the present moment, but in a matter of weeks, the leaves will begin to change color and the cool winds of autumn will begin to blow.

Want to stand out? If the warm clothes in your closet haven’t been updated in some time, there has never been a better time to change them up than now.

Looking for some inspiration? It often helps to pattern yourself after fashionistas like Gina Benderson, who has had a burning passion for fashion ever since she was young.

Although she now makes a living as an IT researcher and scientist, she is constantly updating her wardrobe as the seasons change.

Wonder what she and other fashion-forward women are doing to get ready for fall 2017? Check out our top tips below.

1) Dress in layers

Fall marks a return to days that feature rapid temperature swings. To prepare for this, it is important to wear multiple layers of clothing that can be added or shed as the weather warms up or cools off.

Pick a fabric that copes with sweat well (or if you can swing it, one that wicks) for your base layer, and wear a heavier item (like a sweater) on top.

The colors of both layers should compliment each other as well, a there will be points on the body where both will be visible (e.g. the wrists or along the neck line).

2) Be casual but stylish with a poncho

Want to draw attention to yourself but stay warm in the process? Take a chance and add some ponchos to your rotation.

Patterned in an attractive Native American motif, this blanket-like sweater lacks arm holes, but its bulk and ample coverage will keep you cosy while allowing you to look fabulous on a breezy fall day.

3) Accessories can add to your look while keeping you warm

The cooler days of autumn afford you the perfect opportunity to abandon the minimalism that typifies summer outfits in favour of a variety of accessories that can keep you warm while making you look amazing.

Picking up a lovely scarf is practically mandatory, as it will guard your face from progressively chillier winds as it adds a sense of je ne sais quoi to your mystique.

Don’t dismiss getting a fedora hat either, as donning one is a fashionable way of keeping your head warm during the cooler days of October and November.

4) Consider knee-high boots

Fall weather means it is time to put the sandals away.

In its place, many kinds of closed-toe shoes will work, but what about days when heavy rain or the first wet snowfall of the season happens?

In these cases, we recommend donning a pair of knee-high leather boots. Not only will they make you look like a boss, they will also guard your legs from the splashed water or slush that is ejected from the wheels of many cars.

5) Top it off with a smashing coat

Finally, no discussion of fall fashion can be had without discussing what coat game you plan to employ this season.

A light trench coat will often work for the early and middle parts of autumn, but when winter begins to knock on the door, you’ll want something with some serious fleece lining to keep you toasty as you make a fashion statement on the way to and from work.