Lawn Mowing

If you have a lawn, then you want it to look great. However, a lot of people simply do not know how to properly look after their lawn. According to lawn care service company TruGreen complaints about poor quality lawns are often directly related to people not mowing it properly. This is mainly, True Green feels, because people believe it is easy to look after a lawn. After all, virtually everybody has one! However, this really isn’t the case.

Choosing the Right Mower

The first thing that people should do is choose the right mower. You may feel quite overwhelmed by the number of choices that are out there. There are cordless electric mowers, corded mowers, reeled mowers, ride on mowers, gas powdered mowers, and more. To choose between these, you should consider your particular needs. True Green also recommends that you read reviews of the different mowers, so that you know you have a high quality one.

Mowing Height

Once you have decided on your mower, you have to consider your height. One of the things you may have come across when researching the mowers, is that you can set the height differently depending on the type of mower you have. A good standard height of mower is about three inches, which ensures the lawn looks nice and short, while at the same time casting enough of a shadow on the soil to stop its water from evaporating.

One important comment, however, is that you can’t always cut straight down to three inches. If you have been away for a while and your lawn is very long, you will have to cut it in a phased manner. You may also want to consider hiring a professional lawn service instead. Again, reading through reviews is the best way to find a company that you can sign up with as a customer. This review system is one of the greatest benefits of the internet, not in the least because you can also reply to reviews.

Be Careful with Mud

If you mow grass that is very long or very thick, or if you mow just after heavy rainfall, you will quickly find that the mower will get bogged down. You should never mow just after you have had the sprinklers on, or if there has been some heavy rainfall. If your mower gets bogged down, you will have destroyed some of the roots within the soil, effectively damaging your lawn.

Remember to Be Safe

A final important thing to remember is that safety should always come first. Always wear protective clothing and watch out for the cords of your mower. Do not get your fingers anywhere near the blades either. If you hear something get stuck, or if you hit something, then make sure that you switch everything off before taking a look. You won’t be the first person to have lost a finger on a lawn mower and, in all likelihood, you won’t be the last either.