The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world however learning how to play it can often prove extremely challenging and time consuming. If you play music with intentions of making it famous or just purely as a hobby, it can sometimes it can feel that you are not progressing any further and you have hit a musical wall in terms of improving, take a look at some of the ways that you can get over this wall and make your guitar playing better than ever:

Guitar Classes

Sometimes what you need in order to improve is to take some classes. Taking some classes opens up opportunities for learning new techniques, new music theory’s and scales. Employing a good and experienced teacher with Tom Hess Guitar could be the key to getting that little bit extra out of your guitar. If taking lessons remember to take lessons from a teacher who is able to teach in a style that you wish to learn and has the ability to teach you at your current level, some teachers are only for advanced students which for you, may be too difficult or hard to follow.

Listen to different genres

All musicians at some point of another have taken inspiration in order to create the music that they call their own. Gathering inspiration and listening to different types of guitaring is an excellent way to broaden your playing ability and maybe even inspire you to create your own type of music or licks. It´s understandable that some genres aren’t suitable for improving your guitar playing but try some out, for example, if you enjoy classic rock, try giving some modern indie listen.

Practice daily

Practicing daily is a must if you wish to improve your guitar playing ability. All musical icons that we see today and have seen in the past, playing their axes, have practiced a great amount in order to get to where they are/were. If you are wanting to improve and maintain your playing ability then you need to be practicing as regularly as you can, this includes learning new songs as well as playing the ones that you already know or even practicing your scales.

Jam with some friends

A great way to improve your guitar skills is to find some friends to jam along with. This will most likely improve your timing, which is extremely important to become a great guitarist, however, it can also be great for learning new techniques and learning new styles from the friends that you are playing with.

Stick at it

It can be easy when you are trying to learn that lick from your favorite song to give up and go back to learning something that you already know, or something easier, don´t do this. Stick at it and it will eventually come to you. Playing it over and over again you will get a little boring, but that feeling of accomplishment that you receive once it is done will be one of the best feelings ever

Those are just a couple of tips when trying to improve your ability on the guitar. Remember that improving is not going to be easy and that it takes a lot of hard work to get good!